Karuna Karma Kit+ Face Mask Set

karuna sheet masks

Sheet masks are so great because they focus on adding deep hydration for luminous skin.   Sheet masks helps  your skin to absorb the serums and lock in the moisture leaving your skin looking dewy and fresh. I tried Karuna’s Karma Kit+ Face Mask Set. This set contains four different individually wrapped masks.  The masks that are in this set are the Exfoliating+ Face Mask, the Hydrating+ Face Mask, the Anti-Oxidant+ Face Mask and the Age-Defying+ Face Mask. Karuna’s luxury face masks are like mini facials.  They are cloth masks soaked in serums that are infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Aloe Vera, Chinese Licorice and more. In 20 minutes you can have quick results targeting skin issues like tone, hydration, firmness and clarity.

These are so easy to use and they are great.  I use them before bed and I have fallen asleep with one on and I woke up looking so fresh.  You don’t have to wash off the excess serum on the sheets and you can use the excess serum left in the package on your hands, neck, chest and even arms.   I love these, try them if you want glowing skin.

Karuna has other masks on their website.  I want to try their Luxe Line and their Brightening+ Mask.

You can find them here, Karuna Skin.

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