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dna renewal

Growing up in California, I have been exposed to the sun more than most.  I also lead an active lifestyle, whether it’s swimming in the ocean, hiking or just having lunch outside my skin is constantly exposed to the sun.  I also do quite a bit of traveling to mostly sunny destinations. Even though my mom made me apply an SPF as early as five years old, I do tend to forget to apply it now as an adult.  I have my fair share of sun spots and wrinkles from squinting in the sun.

I tried a couple of products from DNA Renewal, a skin care line that uses ingredients that are plant-based enzymes that are extracted from natural sources.  These ingredients are absorbed into the epidermis and skin creating healthier skin and slowing down degeneration of collagen.  DNA Renewal will help reverse DNA damage from pollutants. DNA Repair Enzymes fix physical damage in DNA, caused by UV radiation, free radicals and other carcinogenic substances.  There is no other company that does this, DNA Renewal are really pioneers in the skin care industry.

dna renewal


The first product that I tried is the DNA Regeneration Serum.  It’s main ingredient is derived from barley.  It has growth factors that help speed up the growth of healthy skin cells making your skin look more youthful. What I loved about the serum is how light and hydrating it felt.  It went on smoothly and made my skin feel soft.  It helped even out my skin tone, made my pores look less visible and my skin texture felt smoother.  After a few weeks of trying this I noticed some of the fine lines on my forehead disappear.  I am obsessed with this.  It has no color or fragrance and could be used on any type of skin from sensitive to dry.  It’s a great serum to add to your skin care routine.

dna renewal

The other product that I tried from DNA Renewal is their DNA Night Renewal.  This is one of the best night creams that I have ever used.  I love how soft and moisturzing it is.  It really made my skin feel baby soft.  I applied it after using the serum.  It contains peptides, and botanical enzymes.  It is perfect for the winter when your skin tends be on the drier side. After using this for several weeks with the serum my skin looked firmer and healthier.  I felt like I could skip the foundation. It is also fragrance free.  If you don’t have a night cream or are looking for one that really works you need to try this.

The containers look like little test tubes, on the DNA Renewal site they also sell cute little stands that you can put your products in.  It’s really cute. I have one. Read more about DNA Renewal here, DNA Renewal.

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