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stript wax bar reviews

Finding a place that you feel comfortable getting waxed (or Vajazzled) at can be challenging. I tried Stript Wax Bar in West Hollywood.  My life pretty much revolves around third street, whether I’m having lunch or working out I’m in that area.  I have seen Stript every time I pass by and always wanted to try it because it looks so nice through the window.  Now I have.  I tried two services from Stript Wax Bar, the first is a Brazilian Bikini and the second was the Vajazzle. Yes, you read right. I got Vajazzled.  I wanted to try the Vajacial but was scared to and now I regret not trying it after talking to Jess who waxed me and she said it’s amazing.

The decor is super cute and clean.  When I arrived I didn’t have to wait and started my appointment.  I can be shy at times especially when I have nothing on from the waist down.  Jess was super nice and really made me feel comfortable.  She told me about the wax and how the owner of Stript created all the waxes for the store.  So the wax is unique.  I felt no pain at all and sometimes I can be sensitive in areas.  Jess was super fast and professional.  I am definitely going to come back here.  It’s the best wax salon that I have tried in LA.  If you go to Stript I highly recommend you book with Jess, she’s the best.

For the second part of my appointment. My Vajazzle.  If you aren’t familiar with what Vajazzling is I’ll just sum it up for you, you bedazzle your, um, vagina. So that sounds weirder than it really is.  I’m sure my friends who are reading this aren’t surprised that I tried this because I love all things sparkly.  I actually surprised myself.  I never thought I would try this. Jess talked to me about designs. I was surprised, I didn’t realize I could pick out my own design.  I didn’t give it much thought about the details of vajazzling when making the appointment but I had assumed they were just going to cover the area with rhinestones.  It definitely is awkward talking to someone about what kind of design you are going to put on your vagina with rhinestones and glitter.   Jess was so funny and cool about it that it made the process easy but I am sure if I was with someone who was a little rigid I would’ve died. I was having a really hard time deciding on my design so I just asked Jess to show me the most popular ones. I learned the most popular thing to vajazzle is initials. Nope, not for me. I went with a pink rhinestone heart and gold glitter design on the sides.  I also learned that right before Coachella is their busiest time for Vajazzling, also interesting.

My heart design is higher up than where people are imagining also it is not right in the middle because I felt like that was too weird. It also isn’t big.  I would post a photo but I wanted to keep this post G rated. Overall, it’s fun.   It’s an experience and if you haven’t done it try it once in your life.  Who knows you may find out that you really like it and it can be part of your waxing routine.  You can vajazzle in the summer when you are wearing a bikini and make it more like a tattoo and have it applied to your hip.  Surprisingly, it lasts a long time. Mine has been on for a week without any of the glitter or rhinestones falling off.  The area that it’s located at is kinda like my hip.  I have been working out, showering, and taking my jeans on and off, it still looks good.

Next time I’ll try the Vajacial.

Stript is great and you can book an appointment and read about the other services they have here, Stript Wax Bar.

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