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dairyface skin care

Dairyface is a skin care line that is different from any other that I have ever used.  It’s made with fresh milk, lactic acid, which is found in milk, is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).  Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a natural exfoliant for skin and helps reduce fine lines, remove black heads and is an anti-inflammatory.  These products are in little yogurt containers and since they are dairy products they have to be refrigerated.  These are basically yogurt mixed with botanicals that are good for your skin. You can not eat these no matter how hungry you are, so mark them clearly in your fridge so others don’t eat them.  The milk comes from grass-fed cows in upstate New York.


The first product I tried is Beauty Mooscow.  It is a hand and body moisturizer.  It is full of pro-biotics that will help your skin look fresher and more plump. The scent is a mix of yogurt and peppermint. This is my favorite product that I tried.  At first it is kind of weird to apply yogurt as a moisturizer but once you get over the texture and you see how moisturizing it is you will want to slather it all over your body.  The texture is more of a European yogurt than a greek yogurt.  My legs tend to get drier and a little itchy in the winter and when I applied it my skin felt hydrated and soft.  I applied it on my hands several times a day and my hands looked younger.  I really like this moisturizer.


The second product I tried is Eye Caramba.  It is made for your eyes but you can also use this for your body.  I used it for both.  This id thicker than Mooscow. It has more of a texture of greek yogurt. It has yogurt, avocado oil, parsley, chamomile as some of its main ingredients. This is a face mask and even though it is a yogurt it doesn’t slip off your face. I did a full body mask with one container and my skin felt so soft.  This is great for winter because it will really hydrate your skin and I think in the summer it would be a great product to use to take away puffiness since it is stored in the refrigerator.


The last product I tried is the Lavender Lovely. I love the way this smells. This is also a face mask. It has a really lovely fragrance of lavender.  Lavender Lovely helps calm skin down, helps with acne and leaves your skin looking more radiant.  You can leave this on for as little as five minutes or you can leave it up to 20 minutes.  I recommend to leave it on for 10-15 mins.

You can check out Dairyface’s other products here, Dairyface.

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