How to Get Victoria’s Secret Hair

victoria's secret hair

We all want that gorgeous Victoria’s Secret hair.  All the girls have these soft, bouncy, bed head waves.  The key to getting this gorgeous style is remembering that hair has to look touchable and soft. Here are some simple steps to getting these soft, sexy waves.

I start off by having clean hair, I know everyone says second day hair is better for having curls stay longer because your natural oils and dirt will make it last longer but to get Victoria’s Secret hair there is a lot of product involved that I’m fine with starting with clean hair.

I use a shampoo/conditioner that removes build up.  I love Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse and Hydrating Masque. The Anti-Residue Rinse is amazing.  It makes your hair feel so clean and fresh without stripping its natural oils.  It smells so good.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny.  It’s a must. The Hydrating Masque is also amazing, my tresses are left soft and bouncy and washing your hair with these products gives your hair the volume it needs to achieve the Victoria’s Secrets look.

After you shampoo and condition your next step is to add body to your hair by adding mousse before you blow it out.  Mousse will help build volume you in your hair.  After you have towel dried your hair put a golf ball size mousse into your hair from roots to tips.  You can add more depending on your hair length and thickness.

victoria secret's hair

Then start drying your hair.  You can rough dry it, meaning don’t use a brush just your fingers. Also, dry your hair upside down to get the volume.  Keep doing this until your hair is fully dry.

victoria's secrets hair

After your hair is dry,  pick where you want to have your part. Whether it is the middle or slightly off centered.  Slightly off centered is the way I do it so it doesn’t look so structured.

When you have picked your part then start sectioning off your hair.  I do it in 4 sections.  I clip the top half into 2 sections leaving the bottom half down. Then I split the bottom half in two sections and work on the bottom half first. I then spray Philip B. Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray on my hair to protect it from the curling iron. This is a great product because it will also help protect your hair from styling tools but the sun as well.   The scent is also amazing. It’s my favorite.

victoria's secrets hair

Then start curling your hair. I am obsessed with the BeachWaver.  It is so easy to use and makes the perfect curls all the time.  It is also the curling iron they used in this years Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show.  Wrap various sized sections nothing smaller than a one inch piece.  The hair around your face, curl it away from your face. You can either pin the curls up and when they cool you can release them.  Once your hair is done you can back brush your hair which is like a light tease with a boar bristle brush, or just gently rake your fingers through your hair to loosen curls and then spray with a finishing spray or hairspray.  I have been loving AG Hair Care REVAMP I love this finishing spray because it will hold your curls without feeling stiff, it is humidity resistant, and has keratin amino acids that help build stronger and thicker hair.  I have been using their USE.LOVE.EDUCATE Limited Edition bottle.  When you buy one bottle 50 cents is donated to helping girls in Africa get education through their foundation Women Leading Change.  They have raised over 2 million dollars and built 5 schools in Africa.  You can learn more about it here, AG Hair.

victoria's secrets hair

Now you can have those sexy Victoria’s Secrets curls too.

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Photos: Victoria Secrets