The A-List with Magda Berliner

magda Berliner


Magda Berliner is an LA based designer that makes one of a kind lace dresses.  Her lace comes from vintage lace and limited edition fabrics. Magda’s dresses and skirts are made from collages of vintage white lace. . Magda finds escort dusseldorf her lace flea markets or when she travels they come in the form of tablecloths, runners, tea towels, pillow cases or whatever catches her eye.  Some of the lace pieces have been handed down,  some have initials or escort nuremberg letters of the alphabet.  Magda’s line has earned her a cult following, Ashley Olsen wore one of her dresses several years ago and now the line has an indie fan club.  More recently Magda has also done a escort cologne collaboration with online retailer Shopbop.

Today Magda share some of her beauty tips with us:

NAME: Magda Berliner              HOMETOWN:  Hollywood, CA

FIRST JOB:  shop girl; retail

DREAM JOB:  theatre critic or baker in paris france

One beauty product every woman should own:  elizabeth arden 8hr cream skin protectant

ONE BEAUTY TIP YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MOTHER:  use the edge of a tin lid (ie: rosebud salve…), to curl eyelashes, or side of a spoon…

RECENT BEAUTY SPLURGE:  comme des garcons amazing green fragrance

I DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT:  elizabeth arden 8hr cream and hand lotion

DRUGSTORE FAVORITE:  disposable rose water eye masks from French pharmacy

BEAUTY INSPIRATION:  my daughter Lillian Berliner

HOW I RELAX:  hot hot bath, votivo red currant candle, glass of rose vino, npr

ALWAYS IN MY FRIDGE: wine, mustard, pickles, hot sauce and cheese!

GUILTY PLEASURE:  no pleasure in guilt!

BEAUTY TIP FOR OUR READERS:  moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, drink plenty of water and SMILE!

You can check out more on Magda here, Magda Berliner.

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