Cane+Austin Skin Care


I love using Glycolic skincare I notice a huge difference and since I use them quite often I usually try products that have a higher percentage in them.  Glycolic acid is great for fixing winter skin, it will help you resurface your skin removing the dry patchy skin to reveal more a more radiant and glowing complexion.  Cane+Austin uses Glycolic deriving from sugar cane.  This is the only brand that does that.  Sugar cane Glycolic has smaller molecules than most AHAs so that makes it more effective when exfoliating because it goes down to more layers of your skin. I tried two products from this line and I want to try more.

Cane and austin miracle pad

The first one is the  Cane+Austin 30% Miracle Pad + what this is are pads that are soaked in Glycolic and you sweep it across your face.  They are so easy to use. I did get some peeling from using these but I like that so that I get a more even skin tone. I have very fine lines, no deep wrinkles yet. I noticed in a week that those lines were almost not visible.  I do have a couple of acne scars that also faded significantly.  I used these pads morning and night.  If you have sensitive skin I would recommend trying to use one pad every other night until you can start using them every night to see real results. I’m obsessed with these. I finished mine and want to get more.  You need these in your beauty arsenal especially if you want a radiant complexion.  If you think 30% is too strong and you haven’t used a Glycolic skin care line before they have some with a lower percentage.

cane and austin face cream

The other product that I tried is Cane+Austin 10% Facial Moisture Cream.  What I like about using this cream with the pads is that it’s light and doesn’t feel heavy.  I used this cream at night because I use a SPF during the day because your skin will be more light-sensitive when using resurfacing skin care.  You need to protect your skin. This cream is also made with Green Tea.  The Green Tea helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.  I really like it and felt like these products compliment each other.


I’m dying to try their eye cream and a few other products.  You can find them here, Cane+Austin.

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