Chocolate Martini Recipe

best chocolate martini

Happy New Year’s Eve!  If you are thinking of making a fun signature cocktail for your party this is the one you need to make. This chocolate martini is so good, that you could easily drink it all night.  Everyone at your party will love it and there are a few fun things you can do to make it your own. It’s also the easiest drink you’ll ever make.

alcohol whipped cream

What you’ll need:

Silk Chocolate Wine

Silk Vanilla Wine (not in the photo)

Liquor Whipped Cream in Chocolate or Caramel.

Chocolate Syrup or chocolate shavings (to rim glass or add as extra garnish, optional)

You can find these at your nearest grocery store, liquor store or BevMo.


1 oz. Silk Chocolate wine
1 oz. Silk Vanilla Wine
Liquor Whipped Chocolate flavor (optional)

Pour Silk Chocolate and Silk Vanilla
Drizzle the syrup in the glass or rim the martini glass with chocolate.

Then and a dollop of whipped cream of your choice.

How to rim the glass:

Water doesn’t always work especially if you are using something like a graham cracker or sprinkles.  You want it to get a little sticky so that it stays on.  For a graham cracker you can use honey or simple syrup which will taste good and hold the cookie crumbs.  If you are using cocoa or chocolate shavings you can get a clean sponge and dip it into one of the alcohols you aer using and then run it along the edge of the glass then turn the glass upside down in the items you are dipping and press.  You can try to turn it from side to side if pressing it into the plate of sprinkles or chocolate doesn’t work.


If you want to rim the glass with something other than chocolate you can get gold, or silver sprinkles and make it festive for New Year’s Eve.

What would be a nice touch is adding a chocolate straw and laying it across when serving it with the whip cream, like a frozen hot chocolate.

You could add raspberries, put three on a stick and put them in the martini.

Banana Cream Pie Martini: You could slice a banana or strawberry and put it on the side of the glass and that would taste really good with this. (you could add the graham cracker to the rim)

S’mores Martini: You could make a S’more martini and rim the glass with graham crackers and then put mini toasted marshmallows on a stick and put them in the glass and serve.

Chocolate Cake Martini: If you want to make a chocolate cake martini, just rim the glass with those cute mini colorful sprinkles and add the whip cream and serve. If it’s someone’s birthday add a candle in the whipped cream. Ta Da!

There are so many fun things you can do with this drink, it’s almost endless.

adam omar shanti