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Tolland Weems is a personal trainer based in LA.  Before moving to LA from Arkansas Tolland was a professional Motocross racer since the age of 16. I took a TRX class with Tolland at Aura Yoga and it was the best class I have taken in LA. He’s motivating, his playlist is the best and he keeps the class fun.  If you live in LA or are visiting you need to take a class with Tolland.  His TRX class isn’t easy but you will definitely see results.  If you TRX isn’t your thing he also teaches a cycle class or you can book an appointment with him for a personal training session.  Tolland was also nominated one of LA’s Hottest Trainers, you can see why.


Today Tolland shares some tips with us to keep your fitness goals:

What do you recommend to get people started on their fitness goals? Baby steps. Short term goals. Realistic. You won’t get a 6 pack in a week.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when they go to the gym? There isn’t structure to the workout. They just go around using equipment they like or what is available. (Example: guys like to do chest, but won’t come back the next day & do their back. Shoulders will become rounded.)

How many times a week do you need to workout to see results? At least 3. Don’t waste your time with anything less than that. Soon it will be a habit & will become part of your everyday routine.

What’s the best tip you give to your clients who are trying to lose weight? Changing their normal food. With dieting, people seem to get burnt out on the same food after a bit. Interval training! Spike heart rate, then drop it, & repeat.

What’s the best type of cardio and how long should you do it for? My spin class:) any type of running, biking, etc. you are better off doing 10, 40 yard sprints than jogging for 30 min straight, because you heart rate it up & down

What’s on your playlist? Mostly hip-hop. I’m southern 🙂

What can you do to drop pounds quickly and tone up? 

Doing something different everyday & being consistent with it along with cardio.


You can book a personal training session with Tolland from his website, Tolland Trains LA and follow him on Instagram @TollandTrains.

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