The A List with Kim Spadaro


kim spadaro


Kim Spadaro is the founder of Spadaro Fragrances.  The line is fairly new and has grown quickly.  Kim’s perfumes are inspired by her travels.  Each fragrance having its own story and memory.  The fragrances are all unisex they use spices and flowers from around the world.

Today Kim shares some of her beauty tips with us:


Name: Kim Spadaro                                              Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

First Job: Florida Times Union

Dream Job: Founding and running my global fragrance company (living it)

One beauty product every woman should own: Organic Coconut Oil

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: Never sleep with your makeup on!

Recent beauty splurge: 90 minute anti-aging facial at Spa Montage in Laguna Beach

I don’t leave home without: Lipgloss and sunglasses

Drugstore favorite: Maybelline Mascara

Beauty inspiration: Lauren Hutton and my mom

How I relax: Listening to music, sipping wine by flicker of candle light

Always in my fridge: Aloe Vera Water and Omega fish oil

Guilty pleasure: French Fries

Beauty product that should be invented: True instant deletion of bags under eyes

Beauty tip for our readers: Take care of yourself from the inside out. Your body and skin will thank you.

You can follow Kim on Instagram @SpadaroPerfume.

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