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I’m obsessed with having full thick lashes, who isn’t? Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with them, I am constantly wearing strip lashes.  Luckily, there are lash extensions.  Lash extensions are great because they don’t do damage to your lashes like a strip lash can.  They just attach to your natural lash and then fall off with your lash cycle.  Strip lashes can be bad because they will pull out your natural lashes if you don’t take them off properly.  I decided to go and get lash extensions, so that they would last longer and fall out with my natural lash cycle without doing damage to my existing lashes.  I tried BlinkBar’s newest location on Melrose.

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BlinkBar is super cute inside, it’s pink and white and very pretty.  It’s my new favorite lash bar. I love the design, it’s warm and girly. It’s one of the nicest lash bar’s that I have been too.  I really recommend it.  There are little stations set up in the back.  If you arrive early you can have a glass of wine, champagne, or water while you wait.  What’s unique about BlinkBar is that they have a menu of lashes to choose from so you can just get the corners of your lashes done to a full glam lash extensions. They use silk and mink lashes. They also have memberships that are very reasonable and depending on what level you buy you can go in a couple of times a month or more to get fills. It’s worth it.

eyelash extensions LA

I had my lashes done with Patricia, she has been doing lashes for several years. She’s great and she has worked with some celebrities. Before we started I told her how I usually like to get my lash extensions done and she showed me some lashes and how we could get the look I wanted. She put silk lashes on me, she told me they would look darker than mink.  So silk lashes don’t look as fluffy as mink lashes but they do look darker so it looks like I have mascara on.  The appointment took about an hour and half but it went by quickly.  I loved the length of my lash extensions. We made them longer on the ends and mixed up the length sizes in between.  My lashes look pretty and natural. I usually like my lashes to look fuller than they did but I don’t have thick lashes to start with so they can only apply lashes to the ones I already have. I got a lot of compliments on my lashes and it’s been a week since I have done them and they still look great.

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BlinkBar also sells two different types of lash shampoos called BlinkBar Restore Lash Shampoo that they made just for lash extensions. It’s really awesome, I tried the deep cleansing one.  It’s made with Wild Chamomile, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender.  I used it a few days after I got my lashes done and made them look like the day I got them.

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Tips when getting lash extensions. Really communicate with the person you are working with so that they know what you want.  What you think is natural might be different to what they think. If you want full glam let them know. Also, they can only put lashes on your natural lash so if you are like me you can’t expect to have your lashes look like a strip lash would because I don’t have that many lashes to start out with. So keep your expectations realistic.  Make sure you get to your appointment on time because it will only take away from the time of your appointment and that means less lashes for you.

You need to book a lash appointment here, BlinkBar.

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