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Indie Lee is a woman who is inspirational and proves to every one that even through hardships in your life you can accomplish anything if you are focused and driven.  After conquering a life-threatening brain tumor Indie created her own eco-friendly skin care line.  She created Indie Lee after finding out that her tumor was caused by environmental toxins.  Indie wanted to create a line that was safe to use and still used the finest all-natural ingredients without sacrificing luxury. Her skin care line is environmentally friendly, natural and luxurious.  We all care about how we eat and what we put in our bodies we should also care about what we put on our skin.  Indie has helped us create a skin care line that we can feel confidant using.

Today Indie shares some of her beauty tips with us:


Name: Indie Lee                                        Hometown: East Setauket, New York

First Job: I worked in audit (accounting) for Ernst & Young right out of college.

Dream Job: I’m living my dream! I get to create fabulous, eco­chic products and inspire others to live their healthiest lives. Everyday I get to wake up and live my dream and that is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

One beauty product every woman should own: Definitely an eye balm. I meet a ton of women each month and it always surprises me that most of them aren’t using an eye balm. It doesn’t matter what your age is ­ this should be an important part of your skincare routine. The delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first places to show the signs of aging and a nourishing, all­natural balm helps protect and moisturize the area. I use the Calendula Eye Balm.

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: Hmm, that’s a tough one. It’s funny, my mother and I are very different in that respect. I will walk out of the house without a stitch of makeup on, my mom to this day won’t leave the house unless her makeup is on and her hair is perfect. I did get my love of manicures and nail polish from her ­ I blame her for my wall of nail polishes.

Recent beauty splurge: My Philips VisaPure. A great cleansing brush is essential for facial cleansing and I especially love this one ­ it has two different brush heads and it increases circulation and re­energizes my skin. It’s like a massage for the face.

I don’t leave home without: My Blemish Stick! You never know when a pesky blemish might surface and this formula is easy to apply over and under makeup. Plus, it looks like a lip gloss wand, which makes for a totally discreet application if you’re in public.

Drugstore favorite: Coconut oil. I use it for everything ­ cooking, beauty DIYs, even as a moisturizer if i’m in a pinch. It truly does it all.

Beauty inspiration: Nature. Whether I’m walking on the beach, taking a hike, appreciating each of the seasons unique beauty, or strolling through a garden nursery ­ Mother Earth has given me so much to be inspired by.

How I relax: Recently, I’ve really gotten into transcendental meditation. I’ve always been a positive person, but meditating for twenty minutes a day really helps me stay centered ­ especially this season when I’m busier than ever! No matter what gets thrown my way, my calm approach helps me tackle it.

Always in my fridge: Avocados! Not only are they delicious on a salad or in my morning smoothie, but they are a super hydrating DIY ingredient. They help reduce inflammation in the skin for a healthy glow and have great anti­aging properties. I love to incorporate them into a face mask, like this one .

Guilty pleasure: My happiness journal. I am obsessed and write in it everyday. It’s such a fun activity when I need to escape for a moment.

Beauty product that should be invented: A mirror that allows us to see our true beauty within. Our concept of beauty is so skewed these days ­ selfies, filters, photo editing apps. We hold ourselves to some unrealistic ideal, set forth by advertising and media companies. As a mother of an adolescent daughter, I see how quickly young women judge themselves and their beauty based on social media posts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a beauty junkie and love products ­ but it doesn’t define how I see myself or others. Beauty is an inside job!

Beauty tip for our readers: Use the Calendula Eye Balm to help fix makeup mistakes, like smudged eyeliner or lipstick. Simply dab a Q­tip into the formula and use it as an eraser on the skin. It’ll get rid of the excess makeup while moisturizing ­ a win­win.

Follow Indie on Instagram @Indie_Lee and shop for her products here, Indie Lee.

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