Talk Beauty with Devon and Sydney Carlson

Today Devon and Sydney Carlson share some of their favorite beauty products with us.  They are the founders and designers of Wildflower Cases.  These two beauties started Wildflower Cases with their mother. Wildflower phone cases are all handmade and no two are exactly alike.  The cases are all handcrafted and made in limited edition with new designs created each month. They have been seen on Lucy Hale, Kylie Jenner, Giuliana Rancic, and Miley Cyrus and many more. Wildflower uses unique and limited fabric designs that they design themselves.

devon lee carlson

Devon’s Top 3:

1. I would die without Coconut Oil. I use it mostly on my hair, or if I’m in a hurry and I need to shave my legs, I’ll just put Coconut Oil on and shave and then I’m good to go.

2 . Whenever I have a pimple I use Tea Tree Oil  in the morning and at night and it will be gone the next day guaranteed. I swear by it.

3. I’ve searched long and hard to find the best foundation and I finally found it. The Giorgio Armani ‘Luminous Silk’ Foundation is life changing. From the amazing scent, to the way it looks on my skin is a 10/10.

Sydney Carlson

Sydney’s Top 3:

1. Eyebrows are one of the most important things on your face which is why they HAVE to look great. I found love in Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (in the color dark brown). It’s amazing and keeps the eyebrows on fleek 24 hours of the day!!!

2. Contouring has recently become a hobby of mine and to set it I absolutely love the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in light­medium. It’s the perfect shade and makes those cheekbones look insaaaaane.

3. Ok my makeup wouldn’t be possible without my beautyblender. That little guy works better than any brush I’ve ever used. Definitely recommend.

Their cases are so cute you will want one, I have my eye on the “Babe” case.

You can follow Wildflower on Instagram @WildFlowerCases and you can also read our other interview with Devon and Sydney here, The Beauty Wrap Up.

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