Think Before You Eat


The weekend is upon us and a lot of people choose to have their cheat meals on the weekend.  Here is a list of foods that you might choose to eat over the weekend and also how long it will take for you to work them off.  Hopefully, this motivates you to make healthier choices. You can still indulge into your favorite treats, or meals but maybe just eat half of what you would.  Portion size is a major part of your healthy lifestyle.

One glazed donut is roughly 242 calories which would take about 88 minutes of crunches.

Fried chicken breast, is about 444 calories, that would take 65 minutes on a stationary bike (one cycle class).

Cheeseburger and Fries is 691 calories and that would take 142 minutes on the elliptical machine.

One milkshake is 780 calories and would take about 72 minutes of jumping rope.

21 ounce of soda is 200 calories and it would take 54 minutes of lunges.

16 ounce Frappuccino is 500 calories and will take 170 minutes of Pilates

One chicken burrito is 1,175 calories and you would have to run 122 minutes of running

Two slices of pepperoni pizza is 626 calories and you have to climb stairs for 159 minutes.

One slice of cheesecake is 710 calories and it would take 150 minutes of very brisk walking.

One Bagel and cream cheese is 450 calories and it would take 95 minutes of treading water in a pool.

One margarita is 250 calories would take 2 hours of yoga to burn.

Two chocolate chip cookies that are small are roughly 155 calories and would take 20 intense minutes on the stair climber to burn.

Two Tostadas with guacamole is about 360 calories and that would take two hours of Pilates.

One glass of red wine or one light beer is about 120 cal and would take about 35 minutes of fast hiking.

adam omar shanti