The A List with Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson is the designer and founder of Paskho, a modern take on active wear.  Paskho is simple, beautiful and can take you from yoga to brunch.  The line is geared towards the athlete in everyone or the avid traveler, his clothes have very clean and minimalistic lines.  Paskho uses materials that are luxurious from cashmere and to limited reclaimed materials.  Patrick’s career has been a succesful one he was the Design Director for Giorgio Armani in Milan. Robinson transformed Giorgio Armani’s ailing Le Collezioni line and brought it back to life. Patrick was also the  Senior Vice President of Design, Merchandising and Marketing for Anne Klein. Then he became the Creative Director of Perry Ellis Women’s Sportswear and then in 2005, was named Artistic Director for Paco Rabanne.  He was also the Executive Vice President of Design for Gap and gapbody. Then he was hired as global creative director of Armani Exchange before starting his new and successful line Paskho.

Today Patrick shares some beauty tips with us:

Name: Patrick Robinson                                             Hometown: NYC and Ancram NY

First Job: Creative Director – Giorgio Armani

Dream Job: The one i’m doing now – Creating, designing and playing at Paskho

One Beauty Product every women should own: A Body Oil to keep your skin supple and healthy in the winter months.

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: My mother has amazing skin because she moisturizes all the time.  I’ve tried to do the same.

Recent Beauty Splurge: Kiki De Montparnasse Massage Oil

I don’t leave home without: Jao Lip Balm

Drugstore Favorite: Alkalol a Natural Soothing Nasal Wash

Beauty inspiration:  I love the healthy way yogi’s look

How I relax: Doing yoga at home.  I watch Rodney Yee on

Always in my fridge: Titos Vodka in the freezer

Guilty Pleasure:  I try not to have guilty pleasures.  I believe life is about finding and doing everything that brings you pleasure.

Beauty Product that should be invented?: A fragrance that has a sense of a refreshing creative awakening

Beauty tip for our readers: Nature cleanses and shapes your soul.  A Beautiful soul equals a beautiful inner and outer person.

Follow Patrick on Instagram .  Check out Paskho here, Paskho.

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