Leonor Greyl Régénérescence Naturelle

leonor greyl regenerescence naturelle

To have full and beautiful hair it starts out with a healthy scalp.  Leonor Greyl Paris has created the most amazing scalp treatment.  Régénérescence Naturelle is made with essential oils that help revitalize your scalp.  If your hair is dry, colored, thinning or if you just want to have healthy hair you need to try this.  The oils in this help regenerate your hair.  This is a pre-shampoo treatment.  You can also use this as an overnight treatment.  I tried both ways.  I have very long and color treated hair.  When I applied it for 15 minutes, I washed it out and I didn’t even need to add conditioner.  My hair felt silky and soft. When I did the overnight treatment, the next day when I washed it out my hair was bouncy and very shiny. My scalp can get a little dry in winter like my skin does and it really gave it the moisture that it needed. If you have extremely dry hair you can apply conditioner to the ends of your hair if needed.

Régénérescence Naturelle is a nourishing pre-shampoo of essential and botanical oils. It increases surface blood circulation, preventing deficiencies of the scalp.  It contains borage oil, chili rose, jojoba oil and essential oils of plants and flowers. These oils help stimulate your scalp ad cleanse the scalp.  This is important for hair growth and thickness. If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair this is a great product for you to use as well because it encourages hair growth.  It is free of silicones and parabens.  This will also help if you have dandruff, it purifies your scalp.

A tip when applying this is apply it directly to your scalp from the dropper.  It makes a huge difference than if you put the oil in your hands and apply it.  Then massage it for a minute into your scalp and you can comb it through your hair. You will be obsessed with this like I am. My hair really looks incredible after using this.

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