What a Serving Size Should Really Look Like


Sticking to a healthy lifestyle and meeting your weight loss goals means having a healthy diet.  It’s not just about eating right but knowing how big a portion size is.  Portion size will help you stay fit and lean.  Here is an easy guide to follow for a healthy lifestyle.  If you are watching your weight this is a good way to stay full and eat the things you want.

What you should be eating is:

Fish usually 3oz that would be the same as a checkbook

portion size for food

1 teaspoon of butter is the size of a postage stamp

what does a serving size look like

One cup of salad is the size of a tennis ball roughly

coucou jolie

3oz of lean meat is the size of an iphone (not iphone plus)

what does a serving size of lean meat look like

One baked potato should be the size of a computer mouse

portion control

1/2 a cup of beans is about the size of a lightbulb

food serving size

If you use salad dressing just use half a shot glass

diet tips

One slice of whole grain bread should be the size of a cassette tape

weightloss tips

one cup of fruit is about the size of a baseball

diet tips

The amount of dark chocolate you should eat a day is about the size of a dental floss box

weight loss tips

1/2 cup of brown rice is the size of a cupcake wrapper

weightloss tips

1/2 cup of pasta is about the size of big orange

diet tips

1oz of nuts should be the size of a dixie cup

portion control

If you are doing cheat days this is the size you should be eating:

Pancakes the size of a cd

food serving sizes

1 cookie the size of the top of a soda can

food serving size

Ice cream the size of two ping-pong balls

serving sizes for diet

One bagel the size of a hockey puck (since they make them bigger now that means a half a bagel)

how to lose weight

Condiments like mayo, ketchup, etc should be the size of a poker chip

how to lose weight fast

Keep looking out for more health, weight loss and nutrition tips all month.

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