Talk Beauty with Rpin Suwannath


rpin suwannath

Rpin Suwannath is a movie maker, who does Pre-Production, Pre-Visualization and some Directing for many movies you probably have seen such as Alice Through the Looking Glass, X-Men, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Matrix Sequels, The Chronicals of Narnia, and many others.  He shares some of the products that he likes to use on set, or when he travels during his busy schedule.

Today he shares some of the products that he likes:


Nivea For Men Rehydrating Moisturizer. “It rubs the lotion on its skin.” I’m for the tropics so the lack of humidity in California can really dry out my skin. The smell also somehow reminds me of vacation.

Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum. Just because you burn the midnight oil doesn’t mean you should look like you do!

Issey Miyake Deodorant Stick. I like the packaging and it smells pleasant. Also doesn’t take up too much space in the travel bag.

You can follow Rpin on Instagram @Rpins.

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