The A List with McKenzie Westmore

McKenzie Westmore

McKenzie Westmore is the founder of Westmore Beauty, a line of makeup that will give you that airbrushed look that’s found on Hollywood sets.  She created a 2 in 1 product that is a foundation and concealer.  McKenzie created her makeup for her experience on set.  She is an actress and TV host, she started her career at the age of three, when she was cast in “Raging Bull”, as Robert De Niro’s daughter.  McKenzie is also the host of SyFy’s new special effects and make-up competition series.  She has also been in Weird Science, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dexter, and many more.  She is also part of the legendary Westmore Family, who has had four generations of Hollywood Make-up Artists since 1917.  Her family has won over 25 Academy Awards and Emmy Awards for make-up.  They also have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Today McKenzie shares some beauty tips with us:
First Job…Playing Robert De Niros daughter in Raging Bull. Got my SAG card at 3 🙂

Dream Job…other than Face Off and starting up Westmore Beauty i’d have to say starring in a musical movie like Moulin Rouge.

One beauty product every woman should own…Mascara! Even if your skin isn’t in tip top shape, mascara will always make the windows to your soul pop!

Beauty tip I learned from my mom…so many to name since she was a model for many years. At one time even EDITH Heads main model! One important tip however was to wash your face every night but finish the wash with cold water to close the pores. Other than that, to smile. It’s your best beauty accessory 😉

Recent beauty splurge….I bought the entire Rodan+Fields skin line!

I don’t leave home without…my Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector on as well as my Mascara that launches soon!

Drugstore fave…Fat Girl Slim by Bliss! I swear by it for skin toning!

Beauty inspiration…my mom and my grandmother. Both beautiful women inside & out! My grandmother passed a few years back but always dressed and carried herself with such grace as does my mom still.

How I relax…going for a hike. Nothing is better than breathing in Mother Nature!

Always in my fridge…vanilla creamer for my coffee!!

Guilty pleasure…a daily piece of chocolate

Beauty product that should be invented…it’s coming this spring/summer from Westmore Beauty! I’ll give you a hint that it’s for the body!

Beauty tip for our readers…I learned from a dermatologist that Fiji water is the best skin water! I swear by it!!

You can follow McKenzie on Instagram @MWestmore.

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