Tips on How to Stay Motivated for Your Workouts

It’s Monday morning and you’ve had a great weekend.  Now you are contemplating going to workout… How do you stay motivated? Skip today? No, don’t skip.  Here are some tips to keep you motivated for your daily workout.

Make realistic goals. If you are just starting your fitness journey then maybe just start with working out three times a week and every week add a day until you reach your goal.  If you miss a day don’t beat yourself up. Just keep going.

Mix up your workout.  If running isn’t your thing don’t force yourself.  Try different classes around town, many places offer your first class free so you can find a class that you like to mix into your gym, at home workout or if you workout in the backyard.

Find motivation with a friend. I know that sometimes I fall into a rut when working out.  I recruit a friend to workout with me, whether it’s taking yoga, going to spin, or even if it’s doing the squat challenge.  If you can’t find a friend to workout with get them to set goals with you and text each other to remind each other to stay motivated.

Keep a schedule. Find a time of day to workout.  I find it easier for me to workout first thing in the morning.  If I choose to workout later in the day, I get distracted, or tired and keep postponing my workout and I end up not doing it.  If I workout in the morning I force myself to get out of bed and start the day either going to a class, running or doing something at home.  When you have a schedule it starts to become a lifestyle so it won’t feel like something you have to do.  Most likely if you skip you will feel regret and if you get out of your cozy bed you will feel better throughout the day.

Buy a set of classes. Classes can be expensive, so if you buy classes that expire you will be more motivated to keep going to the class so you don’t waste your money.

Make a playlist. Find music that gets you motivated that will get you going. Whatever your music preference is get music that will keep you going.

Reward yourself. It could be anything, your favorite meal, buying yourself a new outfit. Set a goal and when you have reached it, then give yourself your reward.

If you have motivational tips, leave them in the comments.  I would love to know what gets you motivated.

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