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Franci Cohen is a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, exercise physiologist and creator of SPIDERBANDS®, a total-body cardio resistance workout that leverages gravity and your bodyweight with other intense exercise modules such as rebounding, kickboxing and indoor cycling. Franci has a triple Bachelors Degree, Masters in Nutrition, and a Masters in Exercise Physiology. She also has many certifications in nutrition, group exercise instructor, personal training, plus many more. Franci also teaches group fitness classes, train clients and broaden her perspective in all areas of fitness, nutrition and wellness at Fuel Fitness in Brooklyn, NY.

Today she shares some fitness tips with us:

Doing at home workouts are hard because it’s hard for me to stay motivated, do you have tips on staying on track?

-make it a date (workout at home with a friend. You’re less likely to skip your workout if you know your friend is on his/her way over to workout together.)

-make an awesome playlist! Music is the most powerful motivator! Just make sure to play tracks you love!

-create both short and long term goals

-give yourself rewards (not food, but new workout gear, cool new kicks, etc)

-workout near a mirror to help correct your form, and to gain visual reinforcement when you are totally rocking a certain move

What are some workout moves that you can do when traveling or at home?


-plank rolls


-triceps dips

-jumping jacks

-power squats

-scissor lunges

If you have only a little bit of time to workout what are the a few moves that are a must?

-any combination of cardio moves coupled with compound body weight exercises that work several muscles simultaneously, and that also isolate the core to engage an muscles throughout.

What’s on your playlist?

-Right now I’m loving anything from Kygo, and I have “kiss the sky” by the Knocks feat. Wyclef Jean on repeat! In the gym, tomorrow’s playlist is pretty eclectic, with a reggae version of Justin beiber’s “love yourself”, an edm remix of Van halen’s “jump”, a medley from Zedd and Skrillex, and a track I mixed myself that includes the chainsmoker’s “roses” and a few tracks off avicci’s new album!

What is the best thing to eat after a workout?

Protein and Comlpex Carb combo is the key! Protein aids in muscle recovery and growth after a workout, but some are more beneficial than others. For example, salmon contains bioactive peptides (tiny protein molecules) that can help reduce inflammation, and regulate insulin levels. Complex carbs (such as sweet potatoes) help restore glycogen levels, that get depleted after a tough workout.

How many times a week do you have to workout to see real results?

4-5 days a week.

Give A tip for our readers:

Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, because it’s at that point, that beautiful change begins to happen!

Follow Franci on Instagram @FranciFit.

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