Reset Yourself Skincare

I recently tried  a new skincare line, Reset Yourself [beauty].  It’s a natural skincare line that was created by two friends Firouze Zeroual and Michele Periquet. Firouze and Michele started with a lifestyle makeover program, Reset Yourself that helps with weightloss, help you learn about mineral deficiency and help improve your overall health. The way it works is they take a small sample of your hair and the hair analysis reveal your mineral toxins in your body.  They will help you restructure your diet to see what minerals/nutrition you are missing to help have lasting life long results.  Their company has now grown into a natural skincare line.  The line of products is great, they are free of parabens, mineral oils and sulfates.  I really love how gentle and effective the skincare is.  I tried three products from their skincare line, the Pure Firming Essence Serum, the Pure Vit B Serum and the Peach Silk Moisturizer.  I love using natural skincare because with all of the chemicals and toxins around us, I don’t need to add more onto my skin topically.  If you eat healthy and clean you want to also apply skincare that is natural and effective. Reset Yourself [beauty] doesn’t disappoint.

reset yourself skincare

The Pure Firming Essence Serum is wonderful.  It’s light weight and not greasy. It absorbs into your skin quickly.  I loved that my skin looked more plump after using it for a few weeks.  It contains resveratol that helps elasticity, anti-aging and promotes collagen.  It also contains Peumus Boldus Leaf Extract that will help redness, and fight against UV damage. The serum helps reverse sun damage and will diminish fine lines. I used it morning and night under my moisturizer and loved it.

reset yourself skincare

Pure Vit B Serum is the second product that I tried from Reset Yourself.  This serum is really hydrating. Living in LA the air is dry and it is a desert, it can rob my skin of moisture. Also, in the winter my skin tends to get very dry.  This serum really brought my glow back into my complexion.  It’s not heavy at all and is full of antioxidants and vitamins.  I really loved it.  It’s also perfect for traveling, I used it on a long flight and my skin looked gorgeous and felt hydrated.

reset yourself skincare

I love the way the Peach Silk Moisturizer smells.  It has a very light and fresh smell of peaches but it’s not overly fruity.  The moisturizer is so hydrating and very light-weight.  It left my skin feeling soft and it looked brighter after using it morning and night for a few weeks.  It is full of vitamins and antioxidants that help promote collagen production, fight against anti-aging and brightens your skin without irritation. It can be used on the most sensitive skin types to mature skin.

You’ll love these as much as I did. You can buy them here, Reset Yourself [beauty].

Check out the hair analysis too, I want to do it!


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