Hair loss in men and women can be devastating.  It can make someone feel insecure and cause more stress in your life. Hair loss in men is more talked about than with women.  In America, women make up 40% of hair loss suffers.  Hair loss in men and women is may be caused by several reason such as stress, nutrition deficiencies, hormones, and genes. I tried Nutrafol, a supplement that helps your hair health.  This supplement will help correct the damage of your hair making it stronger, fuller and regrow.  The suggested use of this product is 3-6 months.  I only had one bottle, which lasts one month.  I would have liked to try it for at least three months to see full results. If I do get more bottles I’ll update you with the three-month results.

Nutrafol’s approach is called the 4R, which is rebalance, repair, revitalize and regrow. Due to stress whether it be environmental, hormonal, emotional or mental Nutrafol’s ingredients help rebalance your hair reducing follicle damage, restoring them. Nutrafol has patented ingredients that help hair growth by 34%, revitalizing your hair growth cycle and increasing the strength of your hair.  You take four pills a day with a meal, everyday.  In my month that I used it I noticed my hair grew faster than normal.  I had gotten a hair cut with layers and noticed that my layers grew out quickly.  My hair did look a little fuller, I did notice that my hair didn’t break as much.  I do have dry hair that is damaged and it falls out like crazy.  I didn’t have as much fall-out. I think if you used this for three months you would see a significant difference.  Even though three months may seem like a long time to see results, it’s not.  Your body needs to build up with the vitamins and your hair cycle will become stronger with each day.

If you are worried about hair loss, thinning hair or even fragile hair, definitely give Nutrafol a try.

You can buy it here, Nutrafol, they have two versions one for men and one for women.

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