Chosungah 22 So Tiny Lip & Cheek

chosungah 22

I tried four of the Chosungah 22, So Tiny Lip & Cheek creams.  I usually don’t like products that are multi-function like this.  I never find them equally as good for their uses, usually I find the product is either good at one thing.  With the Chosungah 22 lip and cheek cream I loved it equally on my lips and cheeks.  The colors I tried are Peach, Misty Pink, Purple and Scarlet.  The colors are pigmented and go on matte.  They are not greasy or oily.  I loved all the colors I tried.  I would suggest when you apply these that you start with just the tiniest amount because they are pigmented and a little goes a long way.  They also dry quickly so when you are applying them blend them as soon as you apply it. They are made with Manuka Honey Extract and Argan Tree Kernel Oil. Even though these are pigmented they are sheer.  You can easily build the color by adding more.  When you apply it to your lips it goes on matte and last for hours.  You can build the color easily if you want the color to look brighter.  It doesn’t feel dry on your lips.  I made a mistake of not looking in the mirror when I applied Scarlet and it was everywhere and it doesn’t come off easily. So look in the mirror when applying.

What I love is that the colors have a powder finish but they still give you a radiant look.  The colors made me look like I had a healthy flush.  You can also mix and match colors to customize your own look.  If you do mix and match pick one pastel color with one bright color.  They are small so you can keep them in your bag and for touch ups.

chosungah 22

The first color that I tried is Peach, it’s a pastel.  I loved this color, it gave me a pretty glow.  I have a little tan right now because it’s been so hot in LA and I have been doing a lot of hiking and running outside that I have a golden tan now.  This color really gave my skin a gorgeous, sheer golden look.  I apply this with my fingers in a circular motion upwards towards my the corner of my eye. On my lips it looked like a nude peach. I think this color would look pretty on all skin tones.  It’s very soft looking and feminine.

chosungah 22

The second color I tried is called Misty Pink, it’s described as a bright shocking pink.  I would say this is more like a bright soft pink.  It will give you a flushed look, it’s not opaque on.  It’s sheer but it will give you a healthy pink flush. On your lips it’s more opaque looking and more of a bubble gum pink.  It looks really cute on.

chosungah 22 so tiny lip&cheek purple

Purple is more of a violet color.  It’s not like a dark purple, it is so pretty.  It was my favorite color of the four that I tried.  I really thought it was going to be weird because I have never worn purple blush.  When you apply it, it looks bright but it goes on sheer.  The color on your cheeks is more of a pinky color.  The color was really flattering and I loved it on my lips.  This color is really fun.

chosungah 22

The last color I tried is Scarlet, which is described as a pink coral.  I would say it’s more of a hot pink.  This was the brightest and most opaque of the four that I tried.  In the photo it definitely has a coral color but I would say it looks a little darker and more pink.  It is pretty.  I think this color would look amazing in the summer with a tan.  The color goes a long way so start off with a little and more if you want.  I loved the color on my lips, it’s definitely a flirty pink.

There are several other colors.  I want to try the darkest ones now.  I love them and I have been using them everyday since I tried them.

You can buy them here, Chosungah 22 So Tiny Lip&Cheek.


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