The A-List with Charlene Amoia

charlene amoia

Charlene Amoia is an actress known for her role as Wendy on hit TV show, How I Met Your Mother.  She has also been in many other Television Shows and Movies such as Glee, American Reunion, Sleepy Hallow, Seven Pounds (with Will Smith), Criminal Minds, NCIS:LA, Castle and many others.  Before pursuing her career as an actress Charlene was a model.

Today Charlene shares some beauty tips with us:

Name: Charlene Amoia

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

First job: Life guard for Wet ‘n Wild!

Dream job: Taste tester for Jelly Belly or a cruise ship captain. One of those would be pretty fun, I’m guessing.

One beauty product every woman should own: Sunscreen

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: Use straws to keep those pearly whites bright!

Recent beauty splurge: Oxygen Facial

I don’t leave home without: At first I thought this question was, “I don’t leave home WITH” because then I could say my keys! Seriously, I got locked out of my house twice YESTERDAY! I try not to leave home without my puree soup, which is a great on-the-go nutritious meal, though some days I wish I had left it at home because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spilled it while driving and then my car has that green spice smell for days! You may think it’s cheaper than buying air fresheners but the payoff isn’t worth it! I’ve had to shampoo Louis (that’s what I call my Honda Civic) so many times I’m giving him a complex.

How I relax: I like to relax by firing up my 50-inch plasma, strapping on the headset and killing some zombies on my XBox with complete strangers. Seriously, nothing relieves stress and calms the nerves quite like assassinating the virtual undead. OK, fine, I light some candles and dim the lights, too. See, I’m girlie!

Always in my fridge: I like to keep plenty of Cristal on hand in my fridge on the off-chance that the people from MTV Cribs show up (they still do that show, right?) and I have to give a tour of my kitchen, because you know the highlight of the Cribs kitchen tour is opening up the fridge and then bragging about your expensive foreign liquids.

Guilty pleasure: This greatly annoys people, especially if it’s a fresh container, but I really like eat peanut butter out of the jar. And I don’t even want that much, just enough for a taste and then I put it back. It would be something if I liked to sit there and eat a whole jar of peanut butter. Then I’d really have problems.

Drugstore Favorite Beauty Product: L’oreal Infallible Stay-On lip color.

Beauty inspiration: Right now, I’d say it’s Fiery red lips, wavy locks and soft eye make up.

Beauty product that should be invented: Maybe an already made smokey eye shadow that you could just wet and let dry on the lid. Kind of like the stick on nail polishes. No matter how hard I try to do the smokey eye look on myself, I always seem to mess it up!

Beauty tip for our readers: Drink lots of water and exercise. It’s great for the skin!!

You can follow Charlene on Instagram @Charlene.Amoia

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