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Andrew DiPalma is an actor, you may recognize him from Cougar Town, The Joneses, Dead Girl or We Are Marshall.  Andrew also appeared in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi music video. He is originally from the east coast but now calls LA is home.  Andrew graduated from the University of Georgia and moved to LA and has been acting for over ten years.  With his busy time on set, he needs to take care of skin. Andrew loves skincare and shared some of his favorites with us.

Today he shares some of his products with us:

Three products I can’t live without:

1. Protect and Repair Sunblock from Skin Fitness Plus: Because I live in Los Angeles, I have to be careful of the sun. This sunblock not only blocks the sun, but repairs the skin on a cellular level, and has ingredients that aid in the anti-aging process (zinc). This product was formulated specifically by my dermatologist that I’ve been going to for years, and I never leave home without putting it on. It is absorbed into my skin in seconds and I don’t ever feel like I’m wearing anything on my face and body. Anyone can use this product – it’s perfect for all skin types. You can order your own by calling 310-247-8744. They are located in Beverly Hills, but will ship anywhere.

2. B. Kamins Acne Gel 10% (On the Spot Treatment): I swear by this product. Because I’m addicted to candy, eat pizza, and go out drinking on the weekend, the occasional zit will pop up. Happens to all of us. One drop – one dab of this product on even the slightest hint of redness of a zit that just starting to try to break through my skin – this product kills it. On the spot. I’m always amazed at how quickly this product works, and it never fails me every time. It’s perfect for when you wake up in the morning after a long night and have a little red dot.

3. Green Tea Eau de Toilette from L’Occitane 
I am not a cologne person, but I am a clean freak. I’m not into wearing scents – people have tried to buy me cologne for years. This is so light, so clean, and without fail, people always make a comment and ask what I’m wearing. Men and women alike. It’s just neutral and clean – simple. I have been wearing this for years now. Who doesn’t like to smell fresh, right? You can’t go wrong with Green Tea. And if you’re like me and don’t like overpowering scents – this is perfect for you.

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