The Expert with Tirzah Shirai

Tirzah Shirai


Tirzah Shirai is the owner of BlinkBar, which is a salon that offers European lash extension techniques.  You can customize your own lash style or BlinkBar offers 10 different looks that you can choose from.  Tirzah started BlinkBar after realizing that’s what the beauty market was missing.  She has two locations one in Santa Monica and the other in West Hollywood.  BlinkBar is so cute, when I went I loved the way it was designed and I loved my lashes that I got.

Today Tirzah shares some lash extension tips with us:

How did you get started in lash extensions?  I am an Indie film director and didn’t get my first pair of eyelash extensions until 2012—and I hated them. They were too big for my face and were blatantly fake. Through a friend, I first experienced great eyelash extensions from a fantastic practitioner in Europe. This experience changed my perspective on eyelash extensions. I quickly realized that no one in Los Angeles could replicate the look, so I took it upon myself to train under the lash master from Europe. I brought the technique back to LA and BLINKBAR was born. In February 2015, the first BLINKBAR location opened in Santa Monica, and followed with a location in West Hollywood (Melrose) in September 2015.

What is the most popular look for lashes?  Kats Out Of the Bag, it’s a cat eye look and is $120, the cat eye look gives us that sultry/exotic look.

What is the difference between silk and mink lashes?  Silk are literally blended with silk giving them a super velvety soft look and feel. All of our lashes are Mink; we also have synthetic mink and Siberian mink. Siberian is real fur and hollow on the inside so it is weightless. They are also cruelty free as well.

Can you wear mascara on your eyelash extensions?  You can but it must be mascara that is specially formulated to use with eyelash extensions, regular mascara will cause the glue to break down and make it difficult to fill your lashes.

How can I take care of my lash extensions?  We recommend that you avoid getting them wet for 24 hours, and please keep oil away from them, this includes oil based skincare and make up.

Can you remove your lash extensions yourself?  No, I repeat no 🙂 Seriously, It breaks my heart. Someone made a video or blog about removing them at home with baby oil, and at least once a week we get someone who went to another salon, they were so unhappy and embarrassed to go back to the original salon that they tried to take them off at home and it destroys their lashes.  We get the call, their lashes are destroyed and we have to put them in Lash Rehab. You need to have your lashes professionally removed, or just wear them off, but please do not remove them at home.

Best advice you have ever received:  If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

Beauty tip for our readers:  Confidence and kindness gives you a glow no make up can.

You can read my review of BlinkBar, here.

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