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Sarah Maxwell is a celebrity makeup artist and lash extension expert.  Sarah has worked some of Hollywood’s top stars such as Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Robert Redford, Petra Ecclestone, Rza, Michael Kors, plus many more.  Sarah’s work has been featured in top publications and runway shows including Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Tom Ford’s Runway Show, Chanel and Christian Sirano to name a few. Her work can also be seen on hit TV shows featured on Bravo, HBO and E!.  Sarah is a lash stylist, and has a unique application for lash extensions which has created her own signature style.

Today she shares some beauty tips with us:

Recent Beauty Splurge:
As part of my company, Sarah Maxwell Beauty, I have a division called Beauty Edit. It’s available to all my clients, where I edit there existing beauty product collection, we then do a makeup lessons based on there wants and lifestyle, including their existing products and finally I shop for them! That’s where my SPLURGE happens! I love making shopping for them and seeing how excited they are when I deliver their new goodies to them.
I am also very fortunate to get sent new collections from most makeup brands, each season, which defiantly is like Christmas when they arrive 🙂

Foundation brush or sponge:
BOTH! No two makeup applications are them same. I customize every experience with every client or model/actress so that my tools and products are working best for them, their skin and the look we want to achieve. My defiant go to are always a beauty blender wet with rose water and a Real Techniques brush, usually their contour brush, I love using it for foundation!

Song you are listening to on repeat:
I have different songs for different settings. Love listening to the blues while I work. Keeps me calm and peaceful.
In the car I love hip hop 🙂

Is contouring in or out:
I think contouring will always have its place, it should be used when needed in different degree and forms.

Makeup Trend that everyone should try:
I thinking checking out and trying trendy and seasonal colors is always a fun way to stay current. I think it’s important to be mindful of how you use them so it’s age and feature shape appropriate.

Makeup up trend that should go away:
I like to appreciate makeup as an art form. What one person finds unflattering or too much, an other may really like! Having said that, I am a little tired of heavy makeup, especially heavily drawn in eyebrows.

Makeup product you wish was invited:
I actually have a hybrid product that I am working on that I think will be very beneficial based on the way beauty industry is heading. Watch this space 😉

Beauty Tip:
Even if you’re not wearing makeup and defiantly if you are, brush your eyebrows up! Makes everyone look more youthful.

Best advice you have ever received:
There is only one you. Nobody can do what you do as good as you, so be authentically you!

Dream person to work with?
There are so many other makeup artists who I admire their work and would love to spend and day with. One of my favorites right now is Hung Vanngo, I think his aesthetic is flawless, with a great attention to detail.
As for faces that I would love to work on, again there are so many! The Ultimate would probably be Kate Moss.

Best drug store buy:
I think you can’t go wrong with L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

Always in your fridge: Water, we should all drink more of it.


You can follow Sarah on Instagram @SarahMaxwellBeauty

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