Talk Beauty with Nicholas Carpenter

Nicholas Carpenter

Nick Carpenter is a filmmaker. He is the son of astronaut, Scott Carpenter who was the fourth American in Space and part of NASA’s Project Mercury.  His father was the second American to orbit the Earth and orbited around earth twice.  His grandfather is Hal Roach who produced Laurel & Hardy, The Little Rascals, Of Mice and Men, just to name a few.  Hal Roach also won two Academy Awards and was presented an honorary Academy Award in 1984. Nick has produced and directed several films and television shows. He has recently finished a documentary on his dad’s life.

Today Nick shares some of his favorite men’s grooming products with us:

The product that I cannot live with out is Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum by Murad. Say that 80 billion times in a row. I have a tendency to get redness and dryness on my cheeks and this product is essential to calming my skin down when it’s misbehaving. It started working the first day I got it.

I’m a longtime user of Oxygen Cocktail by Bioelements. Incidentally, it’s a clear liquid gel, not a gas as the name would suggest. It supposedly reduces the appearance of lines and holds moisture in the skin. I’m nearly 33, no lines. Only hot tan lines. You do the math.

The hair product that I cannot live without is Dry Wax by Enjoy. It’s pretty fucking magical and I do ENJOY it. It’s the most versatile hair product I’ve ever used. It’s strong enough to slick your hair back with and light enough to use a small amount just to add a bit of texture to both short and long hair. I pet my cat once after using Dry Wax on myself. He looked awesome too.

You can follow Nick on Instagram @NicholasCarpenter

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