Dentek Whitening Polisher

Dentek teeth whitening

If you want to have white teeth look no further.  Dentek’s Whitening Polisher is amazing.  I try so many different types of at home whitening kits and some leave my teeth sensitive and others take a lot of time to see results.  This one doesn’t it is instant gratification.  You will love it.  Even if you have sensitive teeth you can use this, and it doesn’t make more teeth more sensitive after using it. Which is amazing because I have never tried another whitener that didn’t leave my teeth feeling a bit sensitive.  It also felt like I had gotten my teeth professionally cleaned.  So, it’s a two in one.  After just one use I saw a difference, my teeth looked brighter.  I’m an avid coffee and tea drinker so my teeth do get stained.

The Whitening Polisher is easy to use.  It comes these gel cups that are filled with the gel whitener and you put the polishing tip inside and scoop it out then apply it to your tooth.  The applicator spins and you just go tooth to tooth until your gel is gone.  It doesn’t take long and you don’t have to apply extra pressure onto your tooth the polisher does all the work. It’s literally a no brainer.  I love the way it made my teeth feel and look.  I had a brighter smile in minutes and cleaner teeth.  It doesn’t hurt at all and easy to clean, each of the applicators are disposable.  My gel was a little dry so all you do is add a teeny bit of water and mix it with the applicator.  The gel contains no harsh chemicals and is peroxide free. The Whitening Polisher is battery operated and it comes with the batteries. It comes with a cover so you can travel with it too.  It’s the best!

Tip: When removing the applicator, remove the head from the base and they hold it firmly and twist it off.  Do not pull it off or else you will strip it.

There is nothing prettier than a bright smile, to find a store that carries the whitening polisher look here, Dentek.

adam omar shanti