Radical Skincare Hand and Nail Multi-Repair

Radical Skincare Hand and Nail Multi-Repair

I think that people always forget that taking care of your hands is important.  You can tell someone’s age by their hands.  We forget to put SPF on our hands and once your hands start to age it’s hard to fix the problem.  I tried Radical Skincare’s Hand and Nail Multi-Repair Creme,  it helps stop the signs of aging by, it hydrates your skin and leaves them feeling soft.  It also helps strengthen your nails and minimize cuticles. Also, if your palms get sweaty it helps keep them dry all day. When I use this just once in the morning my skin felt soft and supple.  It’s an amazing hand moisturizer.  It makes me want to try more products from Radical Skincare.

The hand cream feels silky without leaving residue on your hands, it really absorbs.  The creme contains an extract of natural myrrh known for its nail strengthening and cuticle conditioning properties. It also has Trylacel technology which has highly functional actives to care for all areas of your hands. The Hand and Nail Multi-Repair contains Hyaluronic Acid, that creates a hydrolipid film of the skin, which protects and hydrates on the palm and back of hand. The Radical TrylacelTM technology re-stimulate helps boost collagen and elastin fibers to improve skin firmness and elasticity, and protect against free-radicals. Hexylresorcinol visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots. Combined with raspberry extract, rich in ellagic acid, this ingredient is known to regulate melanin synthesis and therefore help to prevent dark spots forming.  I don’t have age spots on my hands yet but my hands did appear younger looking and I love this.  It’s great to keep in your bag and use it through out the day.  Especially in dry weather like LA. Take care of your hands and try this!

Get the Radical Skincare Hand and Nail Multi-Repair here, Radical Skincare.

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