The Expert with Latisha Nicole Rankin

 Latisha Nicole Rankin

Celebrity makeup artist Latisha Nicole Rankin has worked with many celebrities such as Jordin Sparks, Tracey Edmonds, and many others.  Her work has been seen in magazines, runway to red carpets. Latisha has also been a contributor in Allure Magazine and Good Housekeeping sharing beauty tips and talking beauty trends.

Today Latisha shares some beauty tips with us:

Recent beauty splurge:

Mascara and Lipstick, I love anything matte for lips and voluminous for lashes.

Foundation brush or Sponge:

Foundation Brush, I have more options to pick from for proper application.

Song you are listening to on repeat:

Rihanna’s “Consideration”, I love everything about her, she is a pretty dope woman.

Is contouring in or out:

I believe contouring, which is also known as “highlighting” will never be out, in fact, it never went anywhere. However, the contouring application technique does change with time as generations change and evolve.

Make up trend that everyone should try:

I really love the glossy eye look, it adds a pretty reflection on the eyes.

Make up trend that you wish would go away:

Painted eyebrows. I have always been a fan of naturally full eyebrows. My professional suggestion to all women is to grow your eyebrows out and manicure them when necessary, so that you can use the least amount of product as possible!

Make up product you wish was invented:

Wow! That is a tough question… I’d say a device that one could use to easily apply false eyelashes with.

Beauty tip that anyone can do:

Apply face moisturizer!

Best advice you have ever received:

Not everyone will believe in your dream, it’s not their dream, but people will respect your hard work and eagerness to make your dream come true. Stay humble, focus and pray, your journey is somewhere in the middle there.
Dream person to work with:

OH NO! There are so many people I wish to work with, but at this moment, I would say Ciara. She has a gorgeous inner glow and beautiful facial features. Anything you create on her looks great, but there is something about her natural beauty and confidence that I just love. There is so much you could do with her in terms of beauty and make up!

Best drugstore buy:

Revlon’s All In One Mascara

Always in your fridge:

Veggies, I don’t eat meat!

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