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The first thing about Sun Potion Transformational Foods that caught my eye was the packaging.  It is a pretty blue glass jar wrapped in a gold label.  It made me curious about the brand.  I found myself reading about their products on their website for over an hour.  I wanted to try everything. I still do.  Sun Potion has so many amazing products, also their website is full of information and recipes. I live a really healthy lifestyle, but I am always looking to improve it, when my body feels good I feel more centered.  Sun Potion’s tonics and herbs are used in small amounts and added to a drink or mixed into food. You can also use several of Sun Potion’s products topically and make masks for your skin. What I really love is when I started my morning off with Sun Potion I was aware of what potion I was making so for the rest of the day I paid attention to what else I was putting into my body.  So their products really help me stay aware.  I tried two products from Sun Potion Tocos a Rice Bran Soluble and Chlorella a Complete Food.

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Tocos is a Rice Bran soluble which is the extracted layer of brown rice.  It is rich in Vitamins E & D.  I am obsessed with Tocos, it has a fluffy texture, and has a very slight taste of vanilla.  You can eat it by the spoonfuls or add it to coffee or tea as a creamer.  You can add this into smoothies, elixirs or create your own potion with it. Other benefits from Tocos is it will help your skin, hair and nails, making them look healthier, and improving texture.  Since it is high in Vitamin E it helps the connective tissues in your body which will improve overall skin health. It also has Vitamin A which will help slow down the aging process and the other vitamins and trace minerals in Tocos helps against degeneration, aids in cleaning toxins from your body, and will improve muscle function.  Tocos also helped me curb my sweet tooth, when I was craving something sweet I just ate a spoonful (or two) of it.  It’s really great.  You need to try it!

sun potion chlorella review

Every morning I drink Chlorella now.  It makes me feel clean and more awake.  It helps me set my intention for the day.  I really love the taste of it, it has a very light taste of Nori.  You just add it to water and drink it.  The color is gorgeous it is a dark emerald green.  Chlorella is a single-celled algae that helps your body’s organs.  It will help your digestive track, it helps detox heavy metals from your body, helps hormone function, improves cardiovascular health, supports your immune system, promotes weight loss, and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.  You can also use this topically as a mask mixing it with other ingredients.  Chlorella can also slow down the aging process because it helps reduce oxidative stress from pollution, stress or a poor diet.  It helps your body eliminate free-radicals and protects your cells because it contains Vitamins A, C and glutathione. It’s really amazing, you need this in your life.

Everyone needs both Tocos and Chlorella in their homes.  It should definitely be a staple of your daily diet.  I really love Sun Potion and can’t wait to try more from them, their products are really magical.  If you feel intimidated to try the products or think you may not know how to use them, Sun Potion has recipes on their site and on Instagram you can click on their hashtag #APotionADay and you can find recipes or inspiration on how others have used their products. I have a couple of recipes that I made using both the Tocos and Chlorella that I will post soon.  If you are just starting out with tonics and herbs these two are great ones to try.


You can buy Sun Potion’s Transformational Foods here, Tocos and Chlorella.

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