Dancing with the Stars Sunless Tanning Collection by Norvell

Dancing with the Stars


I recently tried Norvell’s new collection, Dancing with the Stars Sunless Collection. I am new to sunless tanning and haven’t tried too many but I have been really in to it lately.  You would think living in LA I wouldn’t need to use a sunless tanner but I don’t lay out in the sun because I don’t want wrinkles.  I was worried that sunless tanning would leave me looking orange but to my surprise the tan is even better than if I laid out at the beach all day. The color that Norvell’s sunless tanning is so natural and pretty.

self tanning mitt

The first product that I tried is the PRECISION Disposable Self Tanning Mitt,  this is really easy to use.  It’s a mitt that is lined with a plastic protective shield so that your hand won’t get tanned.  The self tanner is moisturizing, has a light coconut fragrance, and will give you a light tan.  If you have blotchy skin this will also even out your skin tone.  Depending on your skin color it can give you a medium tan.  You will see your full developed tan in 3-4 hours after applying.  Also, use both sides of the mitt.


self tanning mousse

The second Dancing with the Stars Sunless Tanning product I tried is the PERFECTION Self Tanning Mousse.  It is super light weight, start out with a little and build.  I would start applying from your legs up. It’s much easier to see where you miss and then you can go back and apply.  It has a light fragrance of coconut, not overwhelming at all.  This one gave me a slightly darker tan.  I also reapplied the next day to have that I just came from an island vacation look.  If you don’t want your hands to get dark apply a heavy moisturizer on your hands before applying.

dancing with the stars

The next product that I tried is the PERFORMANCE Self Tanning Spray.  This one was surprisingly harder for me to use.  It is a spray, and you would think that would make it easier.  I will give you some tips on using this.  Use a constant back and forth motion when applying or else it will turn out with lots of brown dots on your body like I had.  Also hold the can about 6 inches away from your body for a more even spray.  Once, I got the hang of it I liked it.  It dries quickly and also has the same light coconut scent.  This gave me a pretty, warm glowy tan.  I would suggest you use this in the shower because if you have bad aim you could tan your walls.

dancing with the stars

The ENDURANCE Color Boosting Skin Perfector is a multipurpose product.  It tans, moisturizes, brightens and firms your skin.  The color gradually builds with this one, it’s not as intense as the other self tanners in this line.  It is very natural.  You apply it like you would a moisturizer, it also has a light fragrance of coconut. You can also use this over the other tanners to boost a natural tan or a self tan.  It will also extend your self tan. This is a great product to use with one of the other self tanners.

dancing with the stars

The last product that I tried from the Dancing with the Stars Sunless Tanning line is the DAZZLE Shimmering Mist.  I usually hate glittery things on my body because they always make me feel too tween.  I actually liked this because the glitter isn’t huge and sparkley.  You can use this in your hair and on top of your skin.  It will be great for the summer to make your skin sparkle and glow.  The scent is different in this one.  It hard to describe, it has a fresher scent to it.  Shake it before you use it and if you want a very light glitter then spray it into the air and walk into it. It’s fun, try it.


Pro tips:

Exfoliate the area you are planning to tan and also shave your legs (or wherever) 24 hours before you apply the sunless tanning products. The next day, shower and apply the self tanner on clean, dry skin.  Do not apply any type of lotion before you self tan.   Avoid applying self tanner on elbows, knees, and ankles, feet and hands. After you apply sunless tanning products wash your hands or your palms will also tan. Wait 10-15 minutes before putting your clothes on.  Don’t bathe, shower or workout for at least 8 hours after the application.  The self tanner will fade over the next 5-7 days. You can either reapply after a couple of days especially if you want a deeper tan.  If it looks too patchy just exfoliate and start again!

You can find Norvell’s Dancing with the Stars Sunless Collection here, Norvell Tanning.

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