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aura cycle

Summer is already here, and if you haven’t started working on your summer body it’s not too late.  If you haven’t tried a cycling class you need to.  They are intense, high cardio and classes like the ones at Aura Cycle work out your arms, legs, abs and butt.  I’ve taken a TRX class at Aura Body which was also incredible. Nicole (one of my workout buddies) and I took a class with Branden who is up beat and motivating.  I can’t take classes alone, I always need a friend to go with me to keep me motivated and to show up to a class. Branden is a really great instructor and made the class go by quickly.  His playlist was so great and kept me going.

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To be honest, I haven’t worked out in three weeks which is like a lifetime for me.  I was overseas and then when I got home I just gave myself another week off.  Class was hard.  I basically died. The first 15 minutes I kept thinking to myself I’ll never make it through the class.  When I looked over at Nicole she wasn’t even sweating.  Then I had to get my head into it.  I always sit right in front of the instructor so I don’t cheat and slow down, and sitting in front motivates me and keeps me going.  Even if you haven’t taken a cycle class sit in front, it’s dark in the class so you won’t feel like people are watching you or judging.  Everyone in class is focused on their bike and their own ride.

The vibe at Aura is fun, the class is lit with led lights that change during class so it gives it a party feel.  After the first 15 minutes of class I got into the rhythm and it started to become, do I dare say easier?  Branden mixes it up in class, using weights for your arms, and also using the bike to do push ups while you pedal.  I never felt bored in class and I really felt challenged.  When class was over the 45 minutes seemed short and I felt like I could do another class.  I’m glad I didn’t because the next two days I was pretty sore. I was just really hyped from how fun the class was.  Check them out, you’ll love cycle at Aura!


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