The Expert with Firouze Zeroual and Michele Periquet

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Firouze Zeroual and Michele Periquet are two friends who created Reset Yourself, a hair analysis company that will help you find your nutritional balance that you need to help resolve problems like hair loss, weight gain, and any other aliment that your body is having. Reset Yourself was created out of experience, Firouze was experiencing severe fatigue, loss of focus, hair thinning and weight gain.  She didn’t know why and tried several western and homeopathic treatments.  Nothing helped, Firouze and Michele created this company and watched Firouze recover.  They now help others find nutritional balance.  They have celebrity clients such as Robin Wright and many more.

Today Firouze and Michele explain and give us some insight on hair analysis:

What is a hair mineral analysis?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is an analytical laboratory test which measures the mineral content of your hair. The test measures the levels of 20 or more minerals in the hair with an accuracy of plus or minus about 97%. Providing a blueprint of one’s biochemistry, a hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about your metabolic rate, energy level, carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity. This screening test can also be used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending dietary modifications and nutritional supplements.

Hair mineral analysis can reveal the following:

1. Nutritional/lifestyle imbalances. The hair mineral analysis contains a number of indicators that help determine if a person’s diet is inadequate or imbalanced (eg. low protein intake, excessive carbohydrate intake)

2. The metabolic type. This is an important fact of body chemistry and is very helpful for dietary and supplement recommendations. It can also help to understand many emotional and mental manifestations as well.

3. Energy and vitality level. Energy is a common representation of health. If one’s energy is low, many conditions can occur. Restoring one’s biochemical energy is a key to wellness. Hair analysis is an excellent method of determining the reasons for decreased energy and vitality, and providing guidance on how to naturally increase real energy production as opposed to just stimulating energy.

4. Toxic metal assessment. No method of testing can detect all the toxic metals in the body. However, hair analysis is helpful in assessing the levels of the major toxic metals in the body.

5. Reducing guesswork in recommending diets, nutritional supplementation and detoxification methods.

6. Monitoring progress. Hair analysis can help monitor a person’s progress in balancing their body chemistry. Physical changes alone are often not a good way to know if a person is progressing on the program. The hair analysis can often detect subtle changes in body chemistry.

7. Stress patterns. A properly performed hair mineral analysis can help assess the stage of stress and some 20 to 30 stress response patterns of the human body. This type of analysis and interpretation is based on the stress theory of disease, first put forth by Hans Selye, MD about 60 years ago.

Minerals are involved in almost all enzyme reactions within the body, and without enzyme activity, life ceases to exist! What most people don’t know is that the body deposits minerals into the hair in different amounts depending on what is occurring with their metabolism. With a properly interpreted hair mineral analysis, a wealth of information becomes available about how their body is functioning.

How long does it take you to find out your results?

2-3 weeks. While waiting, we already provide you with some helpful tips, guidelines and information on your personal online dashboard to prepare you for your Reset Yourself journey.

Once you have found out what you are missing from your diet how long will it take to get your body functioning properly again?

As every “body” is unique, results vary from person to person. We have clients who experience noticeable improvement in a matter of days with just small tweaks in their diet, and we have clients who need more time because they have more imbalances to work on. Despite the fact that some clients experience immediate results, our program is not a quick fix. What we aim for is optimal, sustainable wellness. There is a difference between just getting by each day and actually living a life full of vitality.

Also, what you put into it (in terms of effort), is what you’ll get out of it. Having this knowledge of your unique biochemistry is empowering, but what you do with this vital information and how you implement it in your diet and lifestyle is equally, if not more, important. Our team provides support and guidance along the way. For us, what’s most rewarding is hearing our clients tell us how the program has helped them whether is has to do with weight loss, more energy, less stress, healthier hair or more radiant skin.

What are the best vitamins/supplements to take for anti-aging/beauty?

Having the optimal levels of vitamins and minerals in your body plays a role in healthy aging. There is a common notion though that if you flood the body with multiple nutrients (also known as a nutrient cocktail “bomb”), the body will select what it needs and discard the rest, benefiting from the encounter. This notion is false. A body that is functioning at its fullest may be able to benefit from this. However, no one today is functioning at their fullest. Random nutrients can wreak havoc in the biochemical systems of our bodies. Taking this delicate balance into account is one of the biggest reasons behind the effectiveness of the Reset Yourself program.

For example, the minerals zinc and selenium play a major role in maintaining optimal hair and skin health. However, it’s very important to know how much YOU need to maintain optimal levels of these minerals. What could be optimal for me, could be too much or too little for you. Having the right balance of minerals in your body is key.

Always in your fridge?

Eggs, vegetables in season, and sparkling water.

What are the best supplements/vitamins to boost metabolism?

This would depend on the individual’s biochemistry as each person has different needs and will need to work on different things to address nutritional imbalances that affect their body’s metabolism.

Whole foods remain your best source for essential nutrients. However, due to today’s nutrient- deficient food supply, poor dietary choices, and busy lifestyles, targeted nutritional supplementation is an excellent and even necessary way to help address nutritional deficiencies.

The main goal of the Reset Yourself program is to increase energy and provide the proper balance of nutrients. When this goal is reached, your body will be able to repair itself in ways you may not think possible. At the core, we are aiming to correct the body’s metabolism. Your metabolism is the result of every organ and cell working as a system to create energy and our hair mineral analysis is a wonderful way to maximize it.

Best advice you have ever received?

Let stress be your ally. (Your mindset has just as much effect on your wellness goals as your diet and lifestyle.)

Tip for our readers:

Discover your personal biochemical blueprint through the Reset Hair Analysis and make informed dietary and lifestyle choices based on your unique results. From our experience, there is such a profound difference between just getting by each day and actually living a life full of vitality!

Learn more about Reset Yourself Nutritional Balancing Program here, Reset Yourself.