The Expert with Naomi Priestley

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Celebrity trainer Naomi Priestley is an expert in fitness, beauty and is certified in both NASM and Mad Dogg.   Naomi has 15 years of experience as one of Hollywood’s most sought after makeup artists. She was voted “Hottest Trainer in LA 2014” by Racked magazine. Naomi is also the Premier Protein Trainer Ambassador. She was born and raised in Hertfordshire, England, she spent her school years in track & field, specializing in hurdles and decathlon.  She then started competing in triathlons. One day she found herself on the bike at the Sweat Shoppe, she fell in love with the hot cycle class and joined the Shoppe’s seminal teacher training program. Naomi has a really positive attitude and by far is my favorite spin teacher that I have been in class with.  She is very positive and pushes you in class without making you feel like you want to do it.  I love her playlist, it kept me going throughout class, it is a great mix.  Her classes are always sold out because she is an incredible trainer.


Today Naomi shares some fitness tips with us:


What do you recommend to get people started on their fitness goals?

That they have attainable goals. To set unrealistic goals can be disheartening and you might give up on your journey. Once you have obtained your goals, you can easily set new ones, that are slightly more challenging.
Why cycle?

It is high intensity training with low impact on your body…..and it is FUN!!!!!

What are the benefits of hot cycle?

There are many benefits to hot cycling, “heat training”. Heat enables a greater level of fat burning and can trigger a 7% increase in athletic performance (I spoke with you about having several marathon runners that have improved their times by almost 20 minutes…I put this down to their dedication in training but also in part to the added benefit of increased athletic performance due to their heat training, (I would consider it similar to training at altitude for performance gains). Heat training can also boost your metabolism (hello wine and chocolate), increase blood plasma and maximal cardiac output, it rids the body of metabolic waste through focused breathe, strengthens the immune systems due to change in blood chemistry and increases the volume of oxygenated blood which can lower cholesterol. Heat training is pretty COOL….er….I mean HOT. We keep the heat at safe levels 82-84* and remind everyone to be hydrated. Speaking of hydration, we sweat a LOT at The Sweat Shoppe so staying hydrated and fueling the body correctly is extremely important to us. I drink water before and during class, then replenish with a protein shake after so I know my body is getting exactly what it wants and needs. There are great benefits to sweating, we all know it cools down our body……. but did you know it improves your skin elasticity and tone. As a beauty expert I back this entirely. But is doesn’t stop there did you know sweat improves blood flow and circulation and can have a detoxify effect, removing impurities from your body through the skin. And the greatest gift of all is that it releases endorphins, it is a stress reliever. So not only are you looking good, you are feeling good too.

What’s the best tip you give to your clients who are trying to lose weight?

Honestly, nutrition and exercise. You have to fuel you body the right way, not starve it…this is very important. Many people when they diet, starve their bodies from essential nutrition it needs to use to change. Fueling your body with healthy, controlled, nutrient dense food and regular exercise is the best way to lose weight.

Best advice you have received?

Adding in a protein shake in my day. That extra boost of 30gs of protein, over time, has fueled my body helping me to maintain muscle and tone. Being a busy mom, working and working out can be stressful on my body. I could not eat the required amount of protein a day to reach my goals, adding a shake has helped me do that. I can do one more thing a day, powered by Premier Protein #MyOneMore

What’s on your playlist?
My playlist changes for every class. But it is a numbers game for me, everything breaks down to Beats Per Minute. I pay close attentions every songs BPM’s and match them with a jog, climb, sprint and in transitions to up and down movement. It is all about the right energy too. I structure my format to ensure I hit all key elements of an impactful Sweat Cycle. For the class you came to Wednesday my set looked like this, and I focused more on Runs and Jogs, that also changes from class to class:

workout playlist

Always in your fridge?

Pre-made Premier Protein Shakes, chocolate flavor generally. Like I said earlier, it is an easy way for me to hit my protein goals in a day with no guilt, it only has 1g of sugar, 30g Protein, 160 calories and it is low fat.
Tip for our readers:

Set a goal and commit to it. Remember to set realistic goals. Be prepared in your fitness game, plan your food and exercise for the week. If you miss a day due to unforeseen circumstances, that is ok, don’t be too hard on yourself but get back on it as soon as you can. Drink enough water, make healthy nutrient rich food choices, and always drink a protein shake after working out.


You can keep up with Naomi on Instagram @Naydoggy