Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

seabuck wonders

Sea Buckthorn is a super food found in the Himalayas that is full of all the Omegas – 3, 6, 9 and the rare 7, it also contains antioxidants and other healing nutrients.  It has been coming up in lots of beauty products such as shampoo, conditioner, skin care and supplements. Some benefits of Sea Buckthorn are, it helps promote skin health such as relieving dry skin, helps promote skin hydration and regeneration, fights acne, builds elasticity, is anti-aging and helps reveal glowing skin just to name several.  Seabuckthorn also helps boost immunity, lowers cholesterol,  helps with weight management, helps prevent dementia & Alzheimer’s (by improving cognitive decline), helps the digestive tract, relieves dry eyes, helps with inflammation, and heart & liver health.  I tried Seabuck Wonders Seabuckthorn Seed Oil which is filled with fatty acids (Omega’s 3, 6 &9), vitamins A, E and fights against free radicals.

I love trying new supplements, what I loved about Seabuck Wonder’s Seabuckthorn softgels is that they are organic and I saw results fairly quickly.  Usually with supplements I don’t see overnight results but within a couple of weeks I noticed my skin looking brighter.  My skin can tend to get dry in the summer so it was the perfect time to take them.  The usual summer dry skin wasn’t visible, my skin had a glow.  My hair also looked shiner, it can tend to get dry in the summer from swimming in the ocean and pools but it didn’t lose it’s shine.  I also noticed that when I took the seabuckthorn supplements I wasn’t as forgetful, I felt like they helped my focus.  I really like these and want to continue taking them.  I don’t have acne but Seabuckthorn will help fight acne as well and give you clear skin.  I am going to try Seabuck Wonder’s Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails softgels next.

I also love Seabuck Wonders because they practice in fair trade with local farmers, they are also an environmentally responsible company and helped plant 500,000 sea buckthorn trees in an erosion plagued area of Tibet.  They make sure their products are free of GMO’s, that they are USDA Organic, Cruelty free, and kosher certified.

You can find Seabuck Wonders Seabuckthorn Seed Oil supplements here: SeabuckWonders.