Tria Age-Defying Laser

Tria Age Defying Laser

If you want the fountain of youth look no further.  Tria Age Defying Laser will help slow down the aging process, reduce fine lines, firm skin, fade dark spots and help collagen production.  Your skin will look more radiant and bright you can see results in as little as 2 weeks. What it is an at home fractional laser that can be used on your entire face that is also FDA approved.

The Tria Laser will help minimize wrinkles, produce collagen and elastin, renew cell regeneration, smooth skin, and restore skin luminosity.  It helps brighten and even out skin tone, with age I have been noticing I have been getting “freckles” which are really just sun spots and using this for three weeks, five times a week, for 10 minutes a day.  I have seen a noticeable difference.  My skin looks brighter and clear that I don’t use foundation every day.  My skin also looks fuller.  It does sting when you first start using it but it’s not unbearable after time you get use to the feeling.  There are three different settings so start off with the first one and then build your way up.  Laser does dry your skin out so you have to moisturize after, this is part of the process to see cell turnover.  I tend to do laser treatments more in the winter because I’m not out in the sun as much because if you do not use an SPF it can increase discoloration.  Your skin is more sensitive after doing any laser treatment, peel or anything that is increasing cell regeneration.  I highly recommend the Tria Age Defying laser, it’s amazing and works very well.

Tria’s laser is great because there is no downtime, you can do it when you want and it is less expensive than doing fraxel in a doctor’s office.  Get holiday ready with this laser and it makes a great gift.

I also love the Tria Age Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting laser, read more about it here.   What I really want to try next is the Tria Hair Removal.

You can learn more about the Tria Age Defying laser here and order one too, Tria Beauty.