Clarisonic Mia Fit

clarisonic mia fit

I know I might be late to the game, this is the first Clarisonic product I have tried and I’m obsessed.  I am so happy that I tried the Mia Fit, it has completely changed my skin care routine.  I love how it really gets all my makeup off without leaving my skin feeling dry.  I now skip my makeup wipes and just wash my face with this.  It’s light weight, compact and easy to use.  It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and soft.  This is a product that everyone should own.

The Mia Fit has two settings, the first is a 60 second cleanse (that is your everyday setting) and the second is a 80 second deep cleanse. All you do is wet your face and brush, then apply your favorite face wash to the brush and wash.  Even if I wear heavy makeup it gets removed easily.  It doesn’t exfoliate your skin so you can use it twice a day without worrying that your skin will get irritated.  Even after the first time I used it my skin felt significantly softer and smoother. The brush heads don’t harbor bacteria, and they dry quickly.  So they won’t cause break outs.  The size of the Mia Fit is small enough that it’s easy to carry in a gym bag and it’s easy to travel with.  It’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower.  I also love the way it charges in a little stand, and it’s so compact that it doesn’t take a lot of room on your counter. It comes with the radiance brush with is very soft and gentle.  I love it.

deep cleansing brush clarisonic

I also tried the deep pore cleansing brush head that is amazing.  It left my skin feeling so soft, I used the second setting with this brush head and it left my skin feeling so smooth.  It has dual action bristles that help clean pores.  This brush head can also be used on sensitive skin.  I really recommend getting this brush head too.  You can use it several times a week when you feel like your skin needs a deep cleansing.  You will notice your skin looking brighter and feeling great.

With the holidays coming up this will make a great gift for yourself or someone else.  Once you use the Mia Fit it will change your skincare routine.  You will be so happy with it.  Now I need the Smart Profile brush to use on my body.

You can find the Clarisonic Mia Fit here,