Algenist Reveal Luminizing Drops

algenist luminizing drops

With winter in full swing, it’s easy to lose that summer glow.  You can have it back with these awesome luminizing drops from Algenist. This new line from Algenist, Reveal Luminizing Drops are amazing.  I have tried all three colors, Rose, Champagne and Pearl.  They are great for highlighting your brow bone, cheek bones and the bridge of your nose.  It gives a pretty glow with out being shimmery.  You can use these alone or mixed with your favorite products like your moisturizer or foundation.

What I love about these Luminzing drops is they feel light weight, they aren’t greasy.  They are really easy to use and they give a  radiant effect on your skin.  All three colors look good on any skin tone.  You can use these under makeup or over your foundation.  All three contain AlgaCorrecting complex which color corrects and will treat un even skin tone. The Luminizing drops also contain Alguronic Acid which helps with anti-aging, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Pearl contains silver colored pigments and if you want to highlight your cheekbones this is a great choice.  Rose, contains pink pigments and will give you a slightly warm glow that is rosy.  It’s so soft and pretty.  The last one in the line is Champagne which contains gold pigments.  I use this mixed with my foundation for an overall glow. I love it.  I then will pair it with either Pearl on my brows and cheeks or Rose on my cheeks.

You can find all three Algenist Reveal Luminizing Drops here,