Rene Furterer Lumicia

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Get your shiniest hair now with Rene Furterer Lumicia, I recently tried this set and I am obsessed.  Before I started dying my hair all the time people would alway comment on how shiny my hair is but I started dying my hair, using hot tools on it and damaging it I started losing that natural shine.  I tried this three step set and after the first use my hair looked shiny and soft.  What Lumicia does is that it removes hair impurities and smoothes cuticles without weighing your hair down.  It smells so good it has hints of bergamont, peony and cedar wood, the fragrance is very light.  It’s amazing.

Lumicia contains cherry vinegar, and vitamin B5 and a variety of other ingredients to help bring shine to your hair.  The shampoo helps remove daily impurities such as pollution, styling products and hard water that dull your hair.  The conditioner detangles your hair, and leaves it feeling so silky and soft.  It also contains cationic conditioners that help with anti-static.  The last step in the set is the Illuminating Shine Rinse.  I have never tried a product like this before, I thought it was to use out of the shower.  You use it right after the conditioner, you spray it on clean, wet hair and then rinse it with cool water.  I recommend using these all together, your hair will feel softer, be manageable and look shiny without being weighed down because it is free of silicones.


Find it here, Rene Furterer Lumicia.

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