Sapelo Skin Care Newest Line

sapelo skincare

Spring is right around the corner and that is perfect timing to get new products.  You can’t use the same heavy products you use in the winter as you do in the spring and summer.  Sapelo Skin Care has created a new line of products that everyone needs.  They have added five new products to their line and they do not disappoint.  I love these just as much as I love their 3-Step Recovery System.  Their new products include the Spring Tide Serum, a Restoring Eye Serum, Rosemary Cleanser, Milk and Honey Hydrating Mask and the Milk and Honey Body Lotion.

sapelo spring tide serum

What I love about the Spring Tide Serum is that it’s light weight yet very hydrating.  I have been using these products for the last month and have noticed a difference in the elasticity of my skin.  You apply this every night before the Rejuvenating Cream and wake up with glowing skin.  It’s a great serum if you are looking to add more elasticity to your skin and reducing fine lines.  I really love it and it’s luxury skin care at its finest.

sapelo skincare restoring eye serum

The Restoring Eye Serum is unique because you can use this under makeup, over makeup or alone.  I love how hydrating it felt.  I tried it on top of makeup when I was feeling tired and wanted to see if it would help minimize my lack of sleep.  It gave life back to my face.  It is a great eye serum and doesn’t have a fragrance so you can use it on the most sensitive skin types.

sapelo rosmary cleanser

The Rosemary Cleanser is the strongest out of fragrances so if you don’t like the scent of rosemary then this is not for you.  I love the scent, rosemary grows wild in California so on my hikes I always smell it in the air and it reminds me of warm summer days.  The cleanser is great it removed my heavy makeup without leaving my skin feeling stripped and dry.  It still felt soft and hydrating.  It is a gentle cleanser and rosemary is known to help the PH levels of skin so it will help if you have acne or problem skin.

Milk and Honey Hydrating face mask

The Milk & Honey Hydrating Mask is wonderful.  It was designed by an OB/GYN for pregnant and nursing mothers.  This mask is designed to hydrate skin, ease hormonal skin and clarify.  You can use a little and it goes a long way.  What I did was steam my face and then I applied the mask and washed it off 20 mins later and my skin felt baby soft.  Get it now!

Sapelo milk and honey body lotion

The last product from this line is the Milk & Honey Body Lotion.  I am obsessed with this.  It smells so amazing, I hope they make more products that smell like this like a face night cream.  It is so hydrating but doesn’t leave a greasy residue like some thick lotions can.  It absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves your body feeling soft all day long.  It’s great for all skin types including sensitive skin.  It’s a must have for every beauty lover.  You will feel like you are pampering yourself every time you apply this.


Find Sapelo Skin Care’s newest line here, Sapelo.