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Dionne Phillips is the queen of lashes, she has been lashing Hollywood’s Royalty for years. Some of her celebrity clientele include Victoria Beckham, Ciara, Naomi Campbell, Rachel Zoe, and the list goes on and on.  She has been featured in Vanity Fair, Elle, Good Morning America, The Doctors and many more. She is also included in Louis Vuitton’s city guide favorites. When she was a model she found her love for lashes and has been lashing ever since.  Not only does Dionne have a beautiful lash studio in Beverly Hills, she has a line of strip lashes that are incredible.  They really open your eyes up and give the glamour that you want from a strip lash, so if you don’t live in LA you can have that red carpet look with her strip lashes.

Today Dionne shares some beauty tips with us:

How did you get started in lash extensions?

I got started with Lash extensions on myself because I wanted to be cute…during my modeling/Acting days. At the time of this business of Polaroids.  I wanted my Polaroids to be really nice. So I started cutting up strip lashes and buying single hair lashes to apply onto myself to give me a sharper, define eye look.

What is the most popular look for lashes?

Of course everyone wants big luscious lashes. and most want that Kim K look of lashes. However, the most popular look that most want is, their eyes to be bigger, wider and uplifting with lush lashes that cascading up over the eyelid.

What is the difference between silk and mink lashes?

The difference between silk and mink lashes are really none. This has been a buzz word to professionals being sold lashes. You wouldn’t want DNA on your eyes, causing allergic reactions from dander. It’s just a softer, think silk fiber cut to emulate a “Mink hair. The branded buzz word of mink is not real mink. I’m against any animals being harmed to use any of those materials on myself let along my clients/Lashettes.

Can you wear mascara on your eyelash extensions?

I suggest no mascara when wearing eyelash extensions. Most mascara have oil and conditioners in them, which makes eye tensions clumpy or have oil in most which over a short time will make eyelash extension slide off over time. The whole purpose of wearing Eyelash Extensions is to illuminate the sole purpose of waking up, looking polished with out the time and mess of mascara. That’s the beauty of maltepe escort wearing Extensions.

How can I take care of my lash extensions?

There are several ways to take care of your eyelash extensions, however the best way is to take care of your extension is to be gentle with them. since it is tiny, gentle natural hairs on your eyelashes with a silk fiber attached. You can use baby shampoo to wash gently over them. or wash gently around your lashes. in the florya escort shower, you can allow water to run all dirt and dust throughout your extensions. but be careful not to have heavy steam and oil on them, which over time they’ll start losing up and falling off.

Can you remove your lash extensions yourself?

You can remove your own lash extensions. However, I suggest a professional to remove your extensions with a lash remover gently off your natural lashes, to ensure proper removal. lots of oil overnight in a hot steamy shower can properly remove your lashes overnight.

What song are you listening to on repeat?

“Frustrated by R. Lum.R The others songs I have on repeat are  Artist: Halsey “Not Afraid anymore,  Adele: “Longsong, and my all time fab fav: Urban Flora: “Make you Feel” & Fantasy

Always in your fridge:

Lemon and water

Best advice you have ever received:

Keep a crisp $100. bill in your wallet at all times, have a nice watch on your wrist, and a fly ass pair of shoes on at all times.

Beauty tip for our readers:

The best beauty tip I have: is for great looking skin it starts from the inside out. so I drink 8 oz water, 2 table spoons each of “Natural apple cider vinegar, and fresh lemon juice every money. This will cure so many things in your body..inflammation, it will detox from toxins, and clear your skin from any impurities that you may have in just one week.


You can book an appointment with Dionne, here.  You can also find order her beautiful strip lashes here, D’Lashes.  Keep up with her on Instagram/Snapchat @Dlashes.