Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima


Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to kick-start your nutrition into a more healthy one.  I recently tried Spiral Spring Spirulina Maxima which is a more complete form of Spirulina.  That means it contains more protein, chlorophyll and phycocyanin.  Most Spirulina on the market derives from Spirulina plantensis which is not as complete as maxima. What is Spirulina? It’s a natural algae source that is high in protein, B-Vitamins, it has high iron content, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, photo-nutrients, probiotics and nutraceuticals.

Some of the benefits from taking Spirulina are lowering your blood pressure, helps you lose weight, increases energy, a good source of protein, can detoxify from heavy metals in your body, it is an antiviral/antifungal, renews cells, helps builds healthier muscles, boost your immune system, purifies your liver, anti-inflammitory, high source of iron (great during pregnancy, or after surgery),  improves your digestion, contains folic acid (vitamin B9), Vitamin B1 which aids in digestion of fats and is good for eye health and brain functioning.  It also has a high source of calcium.

The three products that I tried from Spiral Spring were the Tablets, Choco Spring (Oats, Cacao, & Spirulina Maxima) and the SpiralSnack Sweet Peanut Mazapan.

spirulina tablets

The Spiral Spring Spirulina Tablets are great.  They are easy to take and you take them 3 times a day.  It is a really easy way to add spirulina to your diet.  You can chew these or swallow them. To feel real results take them for about a month.  They definitely have a stronger smell to them but it’s in tablet form so it doesn’t linger like a drink would and it doesn’t have a taste to it.  I have taken some forms of spirulina by liquid and it has a “pond” taste to it.  So if you want the benefits of it but don’t want to taste it this is the way to go.

spirulina powder

The Choco Spring is a very unique product.  I haven’t seen anything like this before.  It has a mix of spirulina maxima in it and cocoa and oats.  The cocoa gives you an antioxidant boost and the oats give you the fiber you need. This mix can be used in many ways, you can mix it with water and drink it, you can sprinkle it on yogurt, add it to a shake and you can even bake with it.  It’s amazing.  There is not sugar added to it and tastes great.

spirulina candy

The one that I love the most was the SpiralSnack Sweet Peanut Mazapan.  It is very similar to De La Rosa Mazapan a Mexican Candy that I use to eat as a kid in California. The Spiral Spring’s one is a healthy version of this candy. This is made with peanuts, spirulina maxima and amaranth. What is Amaranth?  It helps with fighting against cancer cells, lowering cholesterol levels and lowering high glucose levels.  This tastes amazing.  I could eat these every day and one of these is your daily requirement of spirulina.

Go get yours now at Spiral Spring.


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