Apps That I Am Using Right Now

Best apps for iphone

Today I’m sharing some of the apps that I am currently using non-stop.

I am an over sharer so I am obsessed with Snapchat.  I even did a Snapchat 101 not that long ago.  I need to update and do a new post with all their new features but one of the reasons I love snap so much is that it’s so fun.  I love the features they have, I love talking to people who ask me questions about products that I show, places I travel and I love watching people tell stories on it.  I mostly follow friends, fashion and a few celebrities.  It’s a really great way to share your day with others.  I love just not having to think about what I’m posting because I know it will disappear in 24 hours.  I can really have fun with Snapchat.  There are some things that I wish snap would add like the neon pen on Instagram stories and the multi layering in writing how Instagram allows you do so and then it would be the best. Snap is my favorite app right now.

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Instagram is always a must.  Even though they do have stories on it, it’s not the same.  I love Instagram for the aesthetics, I love seeing beautiful photos.  For me I put more thought into what I am going to post.  I don’t post izmir grup escort everyday on my personal Instagram and for Coucou Jolie’s I post things that inspire me, products that I love and since it is up there for as long as you want it to be I think about what I post more carefully.  I go to Instagram to search restaurants, travel or whatever I am thinking about.

Camera 360 I use to edit my photos.  I only use the “Adjust” part.  To change the levels of colors, temperature, exposure, etc.  It is so easy to use and it always makes my photos look izmir whatsapp escort great.  If you aren’t great at taking photos this will help you.  There are so many other features to use in Camera360, it’s my favorite photo editing app that I have tried.

MyFitnessPal is awesome.  If you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight or just manage what you are eating. This is a great app to do it with.  It has restaurants on it, if you are eating food from a package you can scan bar codes, etc.  You can really see what you are eating in a day, it makes calorie counting easy.  You can izmir tesettürlü escort put in a goal and it will tell you how many calories you should consume in a day by putting in all your details (height, weight, etc.).  It will also allow you to add your workouts.  It’s also totally free.

Lyft I started using after I had some horrible customer service interactions with Uber.  I love lyft because the fares are a little lower, you can add a tip to it and it’s so easy to use.  If you are a five-star rider you get discounts sometimes.  I deleted Uber.  I didn’t like having to pay giant surges during rush hour one was a 7x surge.  If you haven’t tried Lyft and need a code here is mine Loreen30170.

WhatsApp is great for messaging friends overseas, or talking to them. I use it every day to talk to some of my friends and the quailty of the sound is great.  The messaging is encrypted.  I use it when I travel all the time because you can use it over wifi, it’s my favorite messaging app.

Instfit Free is great for resizing photos that you want to post.  It makes your photo look clean and it is easy to use.  I use it all the time when I need to resize a photo for Instagram.

Venmo is owned by Paypal which makes wonder why they don’t do the mini deposits to verify your banking info.  That would make it so easy.  I wish they would add that feature like Paypal does.  Venmo is short for Vendor Mobile, if you were wondering. The difference with Venmo with other payment apps is that it lets users make payments and their messages public on social feeds that others can comment on and like.  You can also make them private.  You can also read just random people some are super funny. If you like trolling the internet this takes it to a whole new level. It’s so easy to use and right now it is just for the US.

PhotoWonder is for the extreme photo editing.  This app can make your eyes bigger, your smile better, your legs longer, your boobs bigger. Basically it does everything.  You can control it easily unlike Facetune that makes people look like fake dolls if they do too much. If you want an app that will make you look picture perfect this is it.