DNAEGF Renewal Glow Blend

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Spring is here and it’s time to add this supplement to your daily diet to get glowing skin for summer.  DNAEGF Renewal Glow Blend is my new favorite supplement I have tried.  It is filled with vitamins and minerals that will help repair your body, improve your skin and add radiance from within.  This greens powder can be added to water, smoothies, or your favorite juice.  I mixed it with alkalined water and thought it was amazing.  It tastes so good, it has a hint of sweetness. Dr. Ronald L. Moy has done over 25 years of research and created this blend of minerals and vitamins to improve skin texture.  Glow Blend helps your skin look it’s best.  It also has green tea, and green coffee that will help control your hunger and boost your metabolism.  I know this winter I didn’t eat my best and needed this to jump-start my clean eating and get my skin looking great again. Glow Blend will help moisturizes your skin from within while boosting your body’s natural repair process.  Which is great for those who have battled dry winter skin.

You drink it twice a day and it comes with a scooper so you know exactly how much to add into your drink or smoothie.  I was worried it was going to taste bad but it tastes amazing.  You can not taste the algaes at all.  For those who want to try spirulina and chlorella but can’t get past the “pond” taste, Glow Blend is perfect for you.  I wish I had a lifetime supply of this because I love it so much.

What it contains is Hyaluronic Acid, boots moisture and has anti-inflammatory properties, collagen that will help increase elasticity in your skin, Zinc,  a mineral that boosts immune function and DNA synthesis.  It also contains other anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Grape Seed Extract. Green Tea and Green Coffee helps speed metabolism, and burns fat, both help with DNA repair. The powder also contains a variety of algaes such as Chlorella, Spirulina and Blue Green Algae which helps protect against environmental damage, free radicals and has antibacterial properties because of the phytonutrients and amino acids, proteins and natural peptides. Other ingredients that it contains is Ginseng, Barley Grass, and Ginko.

Glow Blend is a must have for anyone who wants glowing, plump skin.  It will help get rid of fine lines and have beautiful vibrant skin.  Find it here, DNAEGF Renewal Glow Blend.