Blind Dragon

blind dragon west hollywood

Blind Dragon in West Hollywood has re-opened for a more intimate full dining experience.  The h.wood Group has revealed a new look for the West Hollywood flagship supper and karaoke club and has been refurbished and designed by John Sofio, of Built, Inc. with a sexy new look.  The menu has been revamped with an Asian inspired menu such as Short Rib Bao’s, Coconut Shrimp, and Truffle Kale Chips.  Behind the leopard curtain reveals an Asian Tiki themed restaurant, piano bar, and they also have four uniquely themed private karaoke rooms.

I was impressed by their food, the menu is Asian Tapas style. The newly curated menu was designed by Adam Koral (The NICE GUY, Delilah) together with ROKU’s Creative Head Chef, Roger Lee.  The drink menu was created by Blind Dragon’s Head Bartender, Daniel Torres.

Blind Dragon is a great place to share dishes, which is my favorite way to eat.  I love small plates so that I can try everything with my friends.  I tried so many things that I love some of the highlights were the Shrimp and Pineapple Fried Rice that is served in a pineapple it was flavorful and I love the presentation.  The Tuna Poke in Papaya Cup was so good.  I love papaya so you can eat the entire thing, the tuna was so fresh.  The Coconut Shrimp was amazing, it’s a must when you go.  They server five pieces and it comes with a sweet jalapeno sauce.  I almost ordered another one because it was so good and I usually don’t order coconut shrimp. Another favorite of the night was the Miso Glazed Baked Cod, it was a slice of cod in a lettuce cup.  It was very good, what I loved about it was that it wasn’t too salty.  Sometimes restaurants tend to soak the cod in miso and it becomes inedible.  This one was perfect. One more thing that is a must is the White Lotus Roll, it is filled with rock shrimp, asparagus, topped with Albacore, crispy onions and truffle soy.  I was full when it arrived but ate the entire thing.  You won’t be disappointed with the menu. There are a few other dishes that I want to try too.

I also tried a few of their drinks.  It is a tiki themed restaurant and so my first drink was the Double Dragon.  I am not a sweet drink girl, I like whiskey and tequila.  So the Double Dragon was perfect, it had a hint of sweetness but it is a tequila based drink, infused with dill.  I will tell you that I hate dill, I didn’t read that when I ordered it but this drink was amazing.  It has the perfect balance of it because it also has grapefruit, pineapple, chili and agave.  I could have had 3 more of those.  You need to try it.  I also tried the Hakuna Colada which is really similar to a Pina Colada which is a perfect drink to get at a tiki themed restaurant. What makes their’s different it that they have a vanilla infused rum, it has English Breakfast Tea, Coconut Cream, lemongrass, lime and Thai Chili.  It’s AMAZING!  I will go back for another one for sure!  I also tried the Green Destiny which a vodka based drink with kiwi, pear, Thai Basil, and lime.  This drink is great, it’s light and refreshing.  You can’t taste alcohol in it so it can be a little too good.  I need to go back and try a few other drinks on their list that I wanted to.  h.wood Group’s Co-Owners, John Terzian, Brian Toll and Wade Crescent have also expanded Blind Dragon in Dubai and Scottsdale (coming soon).

Blind Dragon is opened Monday through Saturday from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. They are located at 9201 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

You can make reservations and view the menu at, Blind Dragon








Photos Courtesy of Blind Dragon and Elizabeth Daniels