Krigler Charming California 215


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Krigler Fragrances is synonymous with elegance and luxury.  The House of Krigler created its first fragrance in 1879, founded by Albert Krigler, and has been creating some of the most exclusive fragrances to this day.  The fragrances have been coveted by celebrities such as Grace Kelly who wore Chateau Krigler 12, Marlene Dietrich her favorite was Lieber Gustav 14 which became the house’s first unisex fragrance.  Coco Chanel’s signature scent was Pleasure Gardenia 79 before creating her own scent Chanel No.5 (she had asked Krigler to help her create that scent but he passed at the time she was relatively unknown).  Tom Ford had said he was inspired by Lovely Patchouli 55  for the scent he created Black Orchid another fan of Lovely Patchouli 55 was Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  F. Scott Fitzgerald had said he wore the fragrance while writing Tender is the Night, Audrey Hepburn’s favorite was English Promenade 19, Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Charlene of Monaco, and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands also fans of Krigler. The scents are rare and timeless.

krigler custom fragrance

Krigler releases vintage scents one or two times a year so that clients can be the only one in the world wearing it, basically leasing them for a short time of 4-6 months. Krigler’s custom commissions are very much in demand and each one costs a minimum of $65,000 for about 10 ounces, taking about six months to create. You get a private session with Ben Krigler the great-grandson of Albert Krigler, who is a fifth generation perfumer.  The process matches the body chemistry of the client and their personality. There is a mini-boutique in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and a suite upstairs that accommodates private clients.

Charming California 215 is my first fragrance that I have tried from Krigler and will not be my last.  How fitting because since I am a native Angeleno.  The fragrance is inspired by the magic of Los Angeles it is clean and fresh embodying the idea of what LA has to offer, many hopes and dreams. It captures the heart of the city, it smells relaxed and dreamy.  There is a bit of fruitiness, and there is floral in it. The fragrance notes are Coriander and Orange Blossom, combining Japanese Green Tea with Italian Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose and Guatemalan Cardamom. Brazilian Jasmine is mixed with French Lily of the Valley and adding warm Californian Cedar Wood and earthy Sandalwood. What makes Charming California 215 very unique is the Jacaranda that is in it.  It is native to California and only blooms two times a year.

If you can not make it to one of Krigler’s three store locations you can find the fragrance here, Krigler Perfumes.