The Expert with Celebrity Hair Stylist Nikki Providence

Nikki Providence hair stylist


Nikki Providence started her career at Vidal Sassoon Training in cutting hair and then worked in many salons in Chicago before moving to LA.  Some of her clients have been Tori Kelly, Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine, actress Rose McIver, Jenny Slate just to name a few. Nikki work has been seen on runway shows, award shows and high fashion ads such as Proenza Schouler.

Today Nikki shares some beauty tips with us:

Your Favorite hair color/style look for Spring/Summer:

Summer is never about spending time with your blow dryer. A great haircut that works with your natural texture is key. I’m into super short bangs and wild texture, and getting my hair off my face with tight high ponytails and braids.

Recent Beauty Splurge:

For myself, I will always spend money on facials and skin care. I’ve been getting IPL photo facials and they’re working wonders on evening out my skin texture and fading discolorations.

In my kit- I recently got the Harry josh blow dryer and I have to say I really love everything about it.

Best advice you have received:

You learn more from listening than you do from talking. (Heard that a million times from teachers because I looooove to talk!)

Hair tip that anyone can do at home:

A high tight ponytail is a great pick-me-up. The trick is to hold your chin up high while you’re tying the ponytail- when you’re done and you bring your chin back down, the hair at your neck will stay tight.

Dream person to work with?

Dolly Parton. Not just for her glorious hair but she just seems like a truly wonderful person to spend time with.

Hair product you wish was invented:

Something that truly gives volume and hold without making the hair stiff and dry.

Best Drugstore Buy:

Dove dry shampoo

Song you are listening to on repeat:

Landslide by fleetwood Mac has been my anthem this spring.

Hair trend you wish would go away:

I can’t judge any one trend but I love it when someone chooses a look that enhances or even exaggerates their own individual beauty or quirks, instead of trying to superimpose someone else’s idea onto their look. I guess I wish trends in general would fade away- the more differences are celebrated, the happier I will be.

One product you can’t live without:

Aerosol hairspray. I love Sebastian shaper and have been using it pretty much as long as I can remember. Nothing is as useful as hairspray.

Always in your fridge:

Almond milk. Nothing happens in my day before I make an almond milk latte.


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